Free At Last! Obama at the Nadir

Obama Political Agenda

-+*John Peeler: The Obama who appealed to the liberal and socialist base among the more educated parts of American society was the embodiment of the hope for transcendence of centuries of racial oppression.

Why Americans Don’t Vote

Low Voter Turnout

-+*Randy Shaw: As you look at yesterday’s national results and castigate Democratic-leaning constituencies for a lower turnout than 2012, realize that’s a classic case of blaming the victim.

Republicans Today’s Dixiecrats?

Republicans Dixiecrats

-+*Berry Craig: Today, the Republican Party is largely what the Democrats used to be, notably in the South and in border states like Kentucky: the white folks party.

Flex Your Vote


-+*Tom English: Flex Your Vote. America is in a tender place right now but we can change that.

Senate High Drama After Election Day

Senate High Drama

-+*Brent Budowsky: If the runoff scenario unfolds, the potential secret weapon for Democrats is that Sen. Mary Landrieu (La.) and Georgia candidate Michelle Nunn both have cutting-edge credentials to campaign as leaders in the battle to end the gridlock that is almost universally deplored by voters.

Vote NO on Kathryn Merkel Werdegar and Goodwin Liu

Overturn Citizens United Act

-+*Michele Sutter: Californians should remove two of the Justices from the California Supreme Court who wrongly ripped Proposition 49, The Overturn Citizens United Act from the November ballot in a precipitous action that has resulted in the disenfranchisement of every voter in California.

Bobby Shriver: Chamber Made

Bobby Shriver Deceptive Flyer

-+*Peter Dreier: Despite outspending Kuehl with money from big corporations, big developers and his own deep pockets of inherited wealth, Shriver is realizing he can’t outsmart or out-campaign his opponent.