“What Aaron Schock Should Have Said”

Aaron Schock Resigns

-+*Steve Hochstadt: Schock’s flamboyant lifestyle, paid with public funds, attracted attention long ago. He was on the “Most Corrupt Members of Congress Report” by the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics and Washington report for 2012 and 2013.

Cruz Control in Reverse

Ted Cruz Running

-+*Lance Simmens: he represents the right wing fringe of a party that is desperately reliant upon a fraying and decaying demographic composition that longs for the good old days when the good old boys (read white men) controlled the levers of power at all levels of government.

Right Versus Left: Culture Wars, Past and Present

Right Versus Left

-+*Walter Moss: Some of the virtues and values that seem especially important in the political realm include the proper mix of realism and idealism, love, compassion, empathy, humility, tolerance and a willingness to compromise, a sense of humor, and creativity. How then do they relate to the culture wars between Right and Left?

America’s Real Traitors

Republican in Name Only

-+*Walter Brasch: Maybe it’s time to call those right-wingers who don’t believe in the country to call them what they are likely to become if they keep up their obstruction–extinct.

How Obama Bounced Back

Obama Bombs Terrorists

-+*Brent Budowsky: A more populist, proactive, aggressive and self-confident Obama has taken the policy initiative and regained the political offensive.

American Sniper, Why So Popular?

American Sniper Review

-+*Lila Garrett: Not only is this NOT an anti-war picture, it makes anyone who doesn’t own an AK .338 Lapua Magnum-chambered McMillan TAC-338 sniper rifle, feel like a sissy.