Sen. Sessions Tells Truth About TPP

Jeff Sessions TPP

-+*Kevin Zeese: Sessions’ action flies in the face of the threats made by the US Trade Representative to prosecute elected officials who tell people what is in the trade agreement. Others should follow his example and get out the truth about the TPP.

Hillary Ducks TPP Protesters in Beverly Hills

Hillary TPP Beverly Hills

-+*Lauren Steiner: The woman who is trying to position herself as a supporter of the middle class, spent the entire day behind closed doors raising $2700 donations from the 1% and conducting meetings with people who would be prepared to give and bundle donations ten times that amount to her Super Pac.

Vladimir Putin: Ideologue, Idealist, or Opportunist?

President Vladimir Putin

-+*View image | oes President Putin have any deeply held values or is he just a political opportunist willing to sacrifice any principles to political expediency? This is a question often asked about politicians—and not just in Russia. But it is a simplistic one. Most politicians have at least a modicum of principles and […]

TPP: “Now Or Never” for the American Way of Life

Stop Trans Pacific Partnership

-+*Lisa Goldwag Kassner: TPP is being negotiated in secrecy among the U.S. and 11 other countries, representing roughly 40% of the global economy. As a trade agreement, TPP’s terms would be binding on all 12 countries, and TPP would override U.S. federal, state, and local laws.

Vladimir Putin: History Man?

Russian President Vladimir Putin

-+*Walter Moss: Those in the West who see Putin as essentially the same man he was when he served in the Soviet KGB fail to recognize that, like many other Russians, he has been struggling for almost a quarter of a century to redefine “the Russian Idea,” what Russia is and should be.

Butting In and Screwing Up

gop iran letter

-+*Steve Hochstadt: The only hint we get in Senator Cotton’s letter about what Republicans would do about foreign policy if they had executive power is this: all they care about is temporary domestic political advantage.