The State of Immigration in America

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Confessions of an ‘Anchor Baby’: Open Letter to President Donald Trump

Anchor Baby

Dear President Donald Trump, Now that you’ve become our new Emperor, I mean 45th President of the United States, I have a confession: I’m an “anchor baby.” Given that you represent the best white hope to “Make America Great Again!,” I’m confessing in exchange to be pardoned for my birthright citizenship crime. Honestly, I didn’t […]

Kathryn Steinle’s Murder Puts the Spotlight on ICE

ICE Detainers

Hector Villagra: ICE’s use of detainers to imprison people without due process or probable cause — including not just those here without authorization but also green card holders and even U.S. citizens — raises obvious and serious constitutional concerns.

ICE Plays Name Game

ICE Plays Name Game -- Jennie Pasquarella

Jennie Pasquarella: ICE has not corrected the fundamental failings of the immigration detainer, which makes compliance with it unconstitutional.

Family Farms vs. Americanism

German-American Farmers

Claude Fischer: The immigrants viewed farming as a family duty; the interests of wives and children were secondary to the imperative that everyone work hard to expand and pass on the farm from generation to generation.

Migration as a Universal Human Right

Migration As A Human Right

Alvaro Huerta: If migration is certain and constant, why do so many Americans and their leaders, particularly conservatives, fuss about Latino immigration to the United States?

Fair Trials for Undocumented Immigrants

Immigrant factory workers

Jennie Pasquarella: Last Friday, a California appeals court brought us one step closer to ensuring that the protection of our laws – including the constitutional right to a fair trial and an impartial jury – extends to everyone.

To Apply or Not to Apply? That Is the Question

Undocumented Drivers License

Daisy Vieyra: As someone who was left stranded on the side of the road when I was a child with my parents because neither of them had a license, I know the hardships that arise from being an unlicensed driver – car impoundment, hefty fines, missing work because you don’t have your car.

Immigration Reform: If It Stinks, Light a Match

Obama Immigration Action

Rudy Acuna: Watching the White House playing out the immigration scenario has been like watching a schoolyard toughie tell someone repeatedly, “I am going to beat you up.” About the 20th time he sings the same old song you want to say to him, “Well, just do it!”

Obama Goes Big

obama immigration announcement

Randy Shaw: This first step toward broader immigrant justice came after comprehensive immigration reform repeatedly failed in Congress, and after the president kept his core political base waiting far too long for action.

Republicans Can Stop Pretending They Want Immigration Reform

Republican Immigration Reform

Tina Dupuy: Republicans get to be morally superior. “We’re a nation of laws,” they regurgitate. Unless you’re the company hiring all the cheap labor with little ability to redress grievances, then we’re a nation of turning a blind eye and enjoying the cheap goods and services.

President Obama: Do the Right Thing

Obama Immigration Policy

Lisa García Bedolla: Providing administrative relief for at least six million of the unauthorized immigrants currently in the United States is the right thing for President Obama to do for the country and, most importantly, for the hard-working human beings who have been used as pawns in the immigration debate for far too long.