Assisted Suicide on the Rise

Assisted Suicide

Janet Phelan: The proponents of assisted suicide are persistent and, if George Soros’s support for the California bill is any indication, they are heavily funded.

LAPD’s Silence Angers South LA Activists

Redel Jones Shooting

Shawnte Passmore: “This is not the Daryl Gates era where you can do whatever you want and not be held accountable. Chief Charlie Beck has a city watching everything he does. When someone is killed, the community wants answers.”

Domestic Violence: Step Up! Speak Up!

Domestic Violence

Rosemary Jenkins: For many, the sad reality is that too often the police are not called in to intervene until it is too late—until someone has been brutalized or murdered, leaving the children to bear life-long scars.

Pro-Life = Anti-Gun


Tina Dupuy: I grew up in the foster care system so I’m very skeptical when people profess they care about the welfare of children, but not actual Welfare.

Gun Control: Whose Ways and By What Means?

Los Angeles Gun Control

Rosemary Jenkins: Next Tuesday will be another Council meeting which not only will hear the amendment but will vote on another measure that involves safety and protection: proper and safe storage of firearms.

Bobby Jindal’s Stand Against Religious Freedom

Bobby Jindal Restricts Free Speech

Tina Dupuy: Sure, governor, you’re all for religious freedom you agree with. That’s not freedom. That’s selective religious intolerance. That’s cherry-picking which faiths you support and which faiths you want to see in jail.