Cowardice of the Democrats: Gun Control and the NRA

democrats and gun control

Rosemary and Walter Brasch: The Democratic leadership and members of Congress could have said there is a high correlation between the amount of money the NRA pays to legislators and the stranglehold on allowing responsible gun ownership laws to emerge. But they didn’t.

Moral Panic Over a Pier Shooting

Moral Panic Over a Pier Shooting -- Jonathan Simon

Jonathan Simon: Sadly, the punitive storm that has arisen around the Francisco Sanchez and killing of Kathryn Steinle is a reminder of how powerful the hold of crime panic journalism, and hyperventilating crime warrior politicians like Feinstein remains on our public policy and how slow reform will probably be.

Celebrating Independence Day by Burying Lady Liberty

Burying Lady Liberty

Janet Phelan: Rather than munching on hot dogs and downing a few Budweisers and cooing at the gorgeous pyrotechnics, it might be time instead to hold a wake. And after we have buried Lady Liberty, maybe we can get down to the serious work of figuring out what to do now.

California Shouldn’t Lag on Police Reform

Racial Profiling Bill

Jessica Farris: So as one of the last few bills left standing, we hope the Senate Public Safety Committee will also hear Californians’ cries for change on Tuesday, July 7th, when they vote on AB 953. We hope the committee will bravely stand up for the bill as well.

“Stop Watching Us”: Who Gets Pardoned?

pardon edward snowden

Murray Polner: In Washington, the center of an empire awash with bribers and piles of money, few skeptical pundits, special interests, greed and opportunities galore, not many want to jeopardize their careers by fretting publicly about the exiled Snowden or Chelsea Manning’s draconian prison sentence.

What’s the Supreme Court Cooking Up Now?

Supreme Court Decisions

Ted Vaill: Think about how history would have been different if Justice Antonin Scalia had not sacrificed his legal principles to cast the deciding vote to elect George W. Bush president.

Anticipatory Bribery

Lobbying Scandals

View image | ashington has been rocked by the scandal of J. Dennis Hastert, the longest-serving Republican speaker in the history of the U.S. House, indicted on charges of violating banking laws by paying $1.7 million (as part of a $3.5 million agreement) to conceal prior misconduct, which turns out to have been child […]