Thank You, Nebraska Republicans!

Nebraska Repeals Death Penalty

Tina Dupuy: It’s with great astonishment that Nebraska’s conservative majority legislature abolished the death penalty in their state this week.

Police Manhandle Pregnant Black Woman

Black Women Matter

Jessica Price: It’s important to note here that if you do exercise your right to refuse to show your ID, an officer might arrest you. It would be a wrongful arrest, but it would be an arrest.

California’s Death Penalty: All Cost, No Justice

Repeal California Death Penalty

Natasha Minsker: Since the death penalty was reinstated in California in 1978, taxpayers have spent over $4 billion to prop up the defunct system. There are currently 750 men and women on death row. Most die of old age, not execution.

Cyberspying Transcends Everything You Think You Know About It


Larry Wines: How come we are all paying to be spyed on, not by some nefarious government, but by ruthless capitalists who will sell their own grandmother after billing us to feed, house, and clothe her so she is plump and healthy and will fetch a better price?

How Data Can Stop Police Violence

Stopping Police Violence

Amy Roe: In 2014, Black people in the U.S. were nearly three times more likely than Whites to be killed by police, according to Mapping Police Violence, a data visualization website.

When Cops Are Immune from Law Enforcement

License Plate Anonymity

Jessica Price: We hear news of officers throughout our country speeding, stealing during arrests, and wrongfully arresting people for failure to provide identification, often without repercussion. These reports are, sadly, no longer shocking.

Capital Punishment’s Loyal Officer

Alito Defends Death Penalty

Jonathan Simon: The real guerilla war is being waged by death states that continue to pursue executions even as crime remains at historic lows and public opinion turns against this archaic ritual.

Jury Duty for All Citizens

Jury Duty for All

Susan Burton: Like the right to vote, jury service is a right. Anyone eligible to vote should be able to serve on a jury. A jury of one’s peers should be just that.

Rights and Wrongs

police misconduct

Kris Ockershauser: A fearful public must turn to reluctant lawmakers to add balance and common sense to the Police Officer’s Bill of Rights

Equal Justice or Double Standards?

David Petraeus Sentenced

Murray Polner: When David Petraeus left a federal courtroom last April in Charlotte, North Carolina, contrite, humiliated, and guilty, it was less a victory for our system of justice than another example of how our pretense of equal justice for all is simply untrue.