Ferguson: We Have a Problem

Ferguson Police Racism

-+*Cheryl Dorsey: Now that the cat is out of the bag, what are we going to do about the institutionalized racism that has been proven to exist on the Ferguson Police Department.

It’s Not Just About A Few Rogue Cops

Rogue Cops

-+*Jamala Rogers: It isn’t just about the surplus military equipment that local police departments get from the Department of Defense; it’s also about the interrogation practices between civilian and military that gets mixed into one circle of torture.”

Comey & Bratton Serve A Weak Tea

bratton comey speeches

-+*Peter Laarman: What the speeches most represented was the standard white perspective that we have problems due to the “legacy” of slavery rather than due to what anti-racism activist Frank Joyce more accurately describes as a “living, breathing organism of the present.”

The Entertainment Industry Enabled Cosby

Bill Cosby Rapist

-+*Tina Dupuy: Cosby is a complicated villain who made an entire industry complicit in his sex crimes. It’s now clear Bill Cosby, the man, is more fit for a Shakespeare drama than a half-hour situation comedy.

When Terminating a Police Officer Is a Must!

Fire Cynthia Whitlatch

-+*Cheryl Dorsey: For the lie and false arrest Officer Whitlatch received a slap on the wrist; she was “counseled” by her supervisor — a penalty that Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole deemed appropriate.