When Cops Are Immune from Law Enforcement

License Plate Anonymity

Jessica Price: We hear news of officers throughout our country speeding, stealing during arrests, and wrongfully arresting people for failure to provide identification, often without repercussion. These reports are, sadly, no longer shocking.

Capital Punishment’s Loyal Officer

Alito Defends Death Penalty

Jonathan Simon: The real guerilla war is being waged by death states that continue to pursue executions even as crime remains at historic lows and public opinion turns against this archaic ritual.

Jury Duty for All Citizens

Jury Duty for All

Susan Burton: Like the right to vote, jury service is a right. Anyone eligible to vote should be able to serve on a jury. A jury of one’s peers should be just that.

Rights and Wrongs

police misconduct

Kris Ockershauser: A fearful public must turn to reluctant lawmakers to add balance and common sense to the Police Officer’s Bill of Rights

Equal Justice or Double Standards?

David Petraeus Sentenced

Murray Polner: When David Petraeus left a federal courtroom last April in Charlotte, North Carolina, contrite, humiliated, and guilty, it was less a victory for our system of justice than another example of how our pretense of equal justice for all is simply untrue.

Protecting Bystanders’ Videos of Police Encounters

Videotaping Police Encounters

Hector Villagra: With Mobile Justice CA, people can document police activity and directly place a check on police power: users are encouraged to submit a detailed incident report of a law enforcement interaction they saw or experienced, whether or not they recorded it.

The Whole World Is Watching

Mobile Justice CA

Hector Villagra: The ACLU of California is proud to announce the release of Mobile Justice CA, a new smartphone app that allows users to effectively record law enforcement officers.

Contempt of Cop

Contempt of Cop

Cheryl Dorsey: Why would an officer feel justified in shooting someone simply because they ran? I’ll tell you why—because over the years these officers have been able to get away with murder, literally.

End the War on Deadbeat Dads

Deadbeat Dads

Tina Dupuy: What Scott’s death has highlighted is a system that is cruel, arbitrary and punitive toward fathers and strangely dismissive of the best interests of their children.

Bad Cops: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Deadbeat Dads

Cheryl Dorsey: How and why would a police department knowingly hire a police officer who has demonstrated a proclivity toward aggressive behavior, potential emotional/mental instability, and a wanton disregard for adhering to organizational policy and procedure?