It’s Not Just About A Few Rogue Cops

Rogue Cops

Jamala Rogers: It isn’t just about the surplus military equipment that local police departments get from the Department of Defense; it’s also about the interrogation practices between civilian and military that gets mixed into one circle of torture.”

Comey & Bratton Serve A Weak Tea

bratton comey speeches

Peter Laarman: What the speeches most represented was the standard white perspective that we have problems due to the “legacy” of slavery rather than due to what anti-racism activist Frank Joyce more accurately describes as a “living, breathing organism of the present.”

The Entertainment Industry Enabled Cosby

Bill Cosby Rapist

Tina Dupuy: Cosby is a complicated villain who made an entire industry complicit in his sex crimes. It’s now clear Bill Cosby, the man, is more fit for a Shakespeare drama than a half-hour situation comedy.

When Terminating a Police Officer Is a Must!

Fire Cynthia Whitlatch

Cheryl Dorsey: For the lie and false arrest Officer Whitlatch received a slap on the wrist; she was “counseled” by her supervisor — a penalty that Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole deemed appropriate.

US Supreme Court Vindicates Whistleblower

Fired TSA Worker

Cheryl Dorsey: Almost a decade after his struggles began, the US Supreme Court in a 7-2 opinion ruled in favor of the fired TSA air marshal, Robert McLean, who challenged his termination for having disclosed what he saw as lapses in aviation security.