The Entertainment Industry Enabled Cosby

Bill Cosby Rapist

Tina Dupuy: Cosby is a complicated villain who made an entire industry complicit in his sex crimes. It’s now clear Bill Cosby, the man, is more fit for a Shakespeare drama than a half-hour situation comedy.

When Terminating a Police Officer Is a Must!

Fire Cynthia Whitlatch

Cheryl Dorsey: For the lie and false arrest Officer Whitlatch received a slap on the wrist; she was “counseled” by her supervisor — a penalty that Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole deemed appropriate.

US Supreme Court Vindicates Whistleblower

Fired TSA Worker

Cheryl Dorsey: Almost a decade after his struggles began, the US Supreme Court in a 7-2 opinion ruled in favor of the fired TSA air marshal, Robert McLean, who challenged his termination for having disclosed what he saw as lapses in aviation security.

Leak Trial Shows CIA Zeal to Hide Incompetence

CIA Officer Trial

Norman Solomon: Many of the two-dozen witnesses from the Central Intelligence Agency conveyed smoldering resentment that a whistleblower or journalist might depict the institution as a bungling outfit unworthy of its middle name.

Race, Leaks and Prosecution at the CIA

Condolezza Rice CIA

Norman Solomon: Condoleezza Rice made headlines when she testified Thursday at the leak trial of former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling — underscoring that powerful people in the Bush administration went to great lengths a dozen years ago to prevent disclosure of a classified operation.

Targeting Black Men

Targeting Black Men

Herb Dyer, Jr.: What’s wrong with this picture? Florida cops use real pictures of black men for target practice.

Making Body Cameras Work

Making Body Cameras Work -- Peter Bibring

Peter Bibring: If an officer is inclined to lie or distort the truth to justify a shooting, showing an officer the video evidence before taking his or her statement allows the officer to lie more effectively, and in ways that the video evidence won’t contradict.

Time to Stand Up to the NYPD

Stand Up to NYPD

Kevin Zeese: Police need to be empowered so they do not fear speaking up when they see misbehavior by their colleagues. Cops who believe in equal justice who recognize that serving the community is their function should be encouraged.

Time to Reinvent the Police

Reinvent the Police

Jonathan Simon: We need something like the police, but not “the police” as we’ve known them. Police are important, but they are not like air. We can live without them when that is necessary. And we can reinvent them.