How Rudy Guiliani Gets It All Wrong

Rudy Guiliani Michael Brown

Mark Naison: This smothering, stifling police presence is THEIR REALITY, something they deeply resent not only for the fear it inspires, but for the message it sends about what the rest of the city and the rest of the nation thinks of them

Rogue Cops Go Unpunished: Enough Is Enough

Enough Is Enough

Cheryl Dorsey: Unfortunately, death and a settlement are required before a police department is willing to step away from over-zealous, “I’m in fear for my safety” or “I was protecting the public,” police officers who kill.

Time for Another Kerner Commission

Kerner Commission

Lance Simmens: The structural racism in American society today preordained that a decision not to indict the officer who killed Michael Brown would inflame the raw passions evident in communities of color.

Glimpses Of Our Power

Shutting Down America

Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers: Research over the last 100 years of resistance movements shows that when just 3.5% of the public mobilizes to support a movement for social, economic or environmental justice, it always wins. Many win with a smaller percentage, but no government can withstand 3.5% of the population working for transformative change.

5 Critical Needs Beyond Ferguson

Lessons from Ferguson

Peter Bibring: Police violence is only one facet of a criminal justice system permeated with racial disparities, and that criminal justice system too often serves as a substitute for failures in education or mental health treatment.

What If We All Had a Ferguson Prosecutor?

Ferguson Miscarriage of Justice

Bruce Reilly: Every indicted person in St. Louis county should file a motion to dismiss their charges, citing “Equal Protection,” because they want the same grand jury treatment that Darren Wilson received from McCulloch.

New York Police Kill Yet Another Unarmed Black Man

Police Kill Akai Gurley

Cheryl Dorsey: So now we know that if you are a passenger in a car, a pedestrian on a public street, or an innocent person in a stairwell you just might end up dead at the hands of a police officer whom you may have angered, scarred, or startled.

A Question of Loyalty

NASA Loyalty Oath

Justin Chapman: JPL employees with dual citizenship say NASA ‘inappropriately’ questioned their allegiance to the US.

Besbb Taghreeda: Because of a Tweet

What's Next Now That Prop 47 Has Passed? Now that Prop 47 passed in California and LA County elected Jim McDonnell as its new Sheriff, it seems that real change is in the wind. But we wonder if people deeply involved in criminal justice reform really believe conditions will change.

Rebecca Martin: As far as the current penalties are concerned, it’s worth noting that earlier the Ministry of Justice had ruled to withdraw the lawyers’ licenses—and fined them of amounts as high as 500 thousand riyals. [Their final penalty is six times that.]