New Year’s Eve at the California Club

Corpse of 2014

-+*Dan Bluemel: Charlie Beck is a true artist. He faced an angry, passionate crowd inside a house of God and he gave them hope. That night he was a one-man traveling salvation show as he danced with his fictions underneath the Christian cross.

LA Ferguson Protests: The Best of Humanity

LA Ferguson Protests

-+*Eleanor Goldfield: It was the best of humanity. It was people taking to the streets, peacefully, organized – the evolution of anger, a pointed protest against a system that does not serve nor protect, that doest not offer justice but injustice.

Have LAPD Officers Had Enough?

LAPD Officers Surveyed

-+*Cheryl Dorsey: An internal LAPD survey completed amidst a chorus of unfair discipline by its officers and at the behest of Police Chief Charlie Beck shows that LAPD officers feel the Chief is biased on discipline issues.

Wage Theft Confidential: How Your Earnings Are Stolen

How Wages Are Stolen

-+*Bobbi Murray: Every week Los Angeles workers get held up for $26.2 million through unpaid overtime, being pressured to work through unpaid breaks or off the clock; some employees are simply shortchanged on their hours or pay.

Warming Globally, Acting Locally

Los Angeles Global Warming

-+*Vivian Rothstein: We must invest resources in the state and local water infrastructure, expanding storage and building in smart capacities such as water monitors. In the process we’ll be creating jobs for Californians.

Police Manhunts and Race: Eric Frein & Christopher Dorner

Eric Frein Manhunt

-+*Cheryl Dorsey: Eric Frein and Christopher Dorner both appeared to have pre-planned their attacks. Both were considered armed and dangerous. Both killed law enforcement officers in a cold-blooded and calculated manner. But only one was “ordered to lie face down and was handcuffed.”