Let’s Put Voting Machines in In-N-Out Burger

Fixing Voter Turnout

Joe Mathews: The very thing that makes politics and governance in L.A. so confusing—all the different governments and elections in 88 cities, 150 or so school districts, and hundreds of special districts—makes this a great place for experimenting.

Dying Communities, Forgotten Memories

Dying Communities

Rudy Acuna: A community allows us to build strategies for analysis, for action and for change. Examining political and economic factors from the concrete base of the community allows for development of more effective strategies for change.

Did Michelle Get the Wrong LAPD Guests?

Captain Phil Tingirides

Cheryl Dorsey: While crime may be down in the Jordan Downs Project and community relations maybe improved, we need to understand another important role Captain Tingirides and his wife played in the LAPD.

New Year’s Eve at the California Club

Corpse of 2014

Dan Bluemel: Charlie Beck is a true artist. He faced an angry, passionate crowd inside a house of God and he gave them hope. That night he was a one-man traveling salvation show as he danced with his fictions underneath the Christian cross.

LA Ferguson Protests: The Best of Humanity

LA Ferguson Protests

Eleanor Goldfield: It was the best of humanity. It was people taking to the streets, peacefully, organized – the evolution of anger, a pointed protest against a system that does not serve nor protect, that doest not offer justice but injustice.