Past Events

Past events in the progressive communities of Southern California

Actions: War or Peace with Iran?

Rep. Ted Lieu is still on the fence

Peace Action West and a host of affiliated groups are mobilizing concerned citizens to attend town hall meetings and demonstrations across the nation, to show strong support for the nuclear agreement and a new direction in U.S. foreign policy.

Tell Hillary to Oppose Dark Act and Support GMO Labeling

hillary brentwood rally

Hamid Assian: On Thursday, the Organic Consumers Association is holding a rally outside Hillary’s Brentwood fundraiser and setting up a lemonade stand staffed by kids. Maybe if they raise money for Hillary, she will come out and tell them her position on GMOs and GMO labeling.

If the SHU Fits

If SHU Fits

The event is a part of the Statewide Coordinated Actions to End Solitary Confinement, a call by prisoners in solitary to their supporters outside to STOP THE TORTURE with events on the 23rd of each month, signifying the number of hours prisoners are kept in solitary.

Tell Hillary to Oppose TPP on May 7 in Beverly Hills

Tell Hillary to Oppose TPP

Lauren Steiner: Organizations representing labor, the environment, human rights, the internet, immigrants and food safety will be holding a press conference and rally to ask Clinton to come out unequivocally in opposition to the fast tracking of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.