Prison Reform

The prison population in the United States is larger than any other country. The growth of our prison system is unmatched.

Justice 4 Ahjah

Justice 4 Ahjah

hjah Dixon was a young college student who had a passion for chess and a bright future ahead of her. Still grieving for the loss of her brother who died at the hands of the New York City Police, Ahjah moved to Corsicana, Texas to attend Navarro College. In her new environment, Ahjah found the […]

An Inmate’s Word to the Wise

Juvenile Offender

‘m Ronald, but the Streets know me as “Duke.” These days I’m called Brother Shabazz, due to my Muslim faith. I was born in South Central Los Angeles, raised in the Pueblo Projects, home of the Notorius 52 Bishop Blood Gang. Though we lived in the city, my mom (born in Alabama in 1929) and […]

California Bill Can End Solitary Confinement for Youth

End Solitary Confinement for Youth

Angela M. Chung: Rosemary, a trauma survivor with a history of depression and suicide attempts, was placed in solitary confinement for six weeks before her suicide. She repeatedly asked to see her counselor but was ignored. She hung herself with a bed sheet.

Prisoners As Victims

Prisoners as Victims

oo many people believe that if people are in prison, they are as guilty as hell, and, therefore, they deserve any kind of treatment that is dished out! I can understand the lack of sympathy and empathy by so many even though I don’t agree with that kind of mindset or for some, their total […]

Testimony of a Juvenile Offender, Part 1

Prisoners as Victims

James B. Elrod: Equally as destructive as the violence in my home was the fact that, from my earliest memories until I was around eleven or twelve, my brother (four years older than myself and the recipient of most of my mother’s violent attention) sexually and physically abused me.