From New Orleans to Angola

NOLA to Angola

-+*Bruce Reilly: My ride was for the visitation to keep communities together, but my sweat on the free side of the wall is always for those left behind.

Decriminalize Poverty; End the War on Drugs

End War on Drugs

-+*Tina Dupuy: If you added up all of the per-capita incarceration rates of every other English-speaking country, they’d still have a lower rate than the U.S. We lock up more than Russia. Way more than China. We lead the world in warehousing humans.

Prison for Fun and Profit

for profit prisons

-+*Alex Friedmann: While people might question the notion of a privatized police force that benefits financially when people are arrested, allowing companies to profit when people are imprisoned has become an accepted norm

Filmmakers Put Justice on Trial

Justice on Trial Film Fest

-+*Amy Patton: Founder and organizer of the festival, Susan Burton said the film festival screened documentaries that exposed “grave defects in the American criminal justice system.”

Why “Yes on Prop 47″ Matters

Yes on Prop 47

-+*Jessica Farris: Californians have a historic opportunity to bring about needed and long-overdue criminal justice reform by voting Yes on Proposition 47.

California’s Broken Punishment Paradigm

California Death Penalty Overturned

-+*Jonathan Simon: Judge Carney reviewed California’s system, which has handed out around 900 death sentences but only executed 13 people, and concluded that the system was unconstitutionally arbitrary because no rational basis exists distinguishing those actually executed from many not, and likely never, executed.

From Prison to Law School and Beyond

vTranscending Prison

-+*Bruce Reilly: I filed my first bail motion and memorandum when some of my classmates were in kindergarten and have over two decades of experience covering all aspects of the courts and prisons.