New Girl on Salt Flat Road

New Girl on Salt Flat Road

-+*Tween novel star Lola Zola is back. . . and this time the New Girl on Salt Flat Road rocks her world. by Marcy Winograd and Jackie Hirtz The sequel to the tween novel Lola Zola and the Lemonade Crush from Brown Girls Publishing debuts May 21, 2015 n Brown Girls Publishing’s latest tween novel by educators Marcy […]

Killing Is Fun – Try It

Fury Road

-+*Steve Hochstadt: I know the rate of violent crime in the US has been falling. But I can’t help thinking that we are systematically anesthetizing ourselves, especially our young, to the real horror of death.

And Then Verne Gagne Moved!

Verne Gagne

-+*James W Loewen: The story of the fake wrestler who started out as a real one — and the lesson historians should draw from this.

Hippies Were Happy

happy hippies

-+*Steve Hochstadt: Hippies did not get in your face. They didn’t send out mailers or make phone calls or knock on doors or shout into microphones. They didn’t believe that their way was necessarily better for everyone. They wanted to do their own thing.

The Morality Police

Morality Police

-+*Walter Brasch: In the United States, the Morality Police regulate everything from the color of hair to what people do in their bedrooms.

Can Your Movie Change the World?

Social Issue Moviemakers

-+*Beth Portello of social issue film distributor Cinema Libre Studio is no stranger to moviemakers trying to change the world. Along with her husband, independent director Philippe Diaz, Portello is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo for To End Poverty!, the sequel to the pair’s critically acclaimed 2008 documentary, The End of Poverty?

The End of Privacy

Citizenfour Edward Snowden

-+*Robert Nelson: “Citizenfour” is a spellbinder. Poitras does not simply describe what others did. She herself was a central player in getting Edward Snowden’s revelations before the world.

A Conversation with Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau

-+*Gary Corseri: When I saw his gray tombstone slab—about the size of a large cereal box!—with nothing but the capitals “HENRY” inscribed on it, I thought at first: Surely this writer-philosopher-naturalist-activist deserved better notice than this! And then I thought: This is fitting….