“Hearts and Minds” Forgotten

Hearts and Minds

nderstanding memory is vital to your health. An abundance of clichés such as the present is “the future and the past is the present” have been floated around. Karl Marx and Jacques Derrida added insights to the importance of memory and how it establishes a philosophy of liberation. Memories of injustice remind us what we […]

Who Ya Gonna Call? Call B.A.C.A.

Bikers Against Child Abuse

John MacMurray: They’re here because your guardian, or parent, or somebody who cares about you has called them. After a short ceremony, you are initiated into their family. And because you are family, they will protect you.

A Country Without a Military! Can That Ever Be Us?

Country Without a Military

View image | gettyimages.com ‘m just coming down from a 4th of July high. I must admit I do feel a pang of joy that our country was born and that I am a part of it, warts and all. I could do without “the rockets red glare and the bombs bursting in air”…a tradition we […]

This Week, America Is a Different Country

ACA Settled Law

Steve Hochstadt: Political change moves slowly across our big nation, but last week changed America. The Affordable Care Act is now settled law. Same-sex marriage will prevail in every state. The Confederate flag is coming down.

American Self-Assertiveness vs. Submissiveness

American Self-Assertiveness vs. Submissiveness -- Charles Hayes

View image | gettyimages.com hen flipping through the cable TV channels, it’s not unusual to find a pride of African lions getting ready to feast on Cape buffalo. Sometimes we’ll see several lions take down a buffalo while the rest of the buffalo in the nearby herd appear to stand around like idiots. At other […]

What Is China Like?

Visiting Shanghai

Steve Hochstadt: The message is clear – life is much richer in material goods in the US, but China is catching up.

Now Texas Begs for Help

texas floods

Walter Brasch: The President didn’t even worry about whether Texans liked him or not, even though a majority of that state’s politicians think of him as incompetent, evil, and—horrors!—a firebreathing Muslim.

In Search of the Democratic Soul


RJ Eskow: After a week spent tracking the independent left’s political progress, I’ve become even more convinced that politicians should seek the soul of the country instead. Tap into that, and the rest will follow.