Obama, LGBT Rights, Kenya

Obama Gay Rights in Africa

Frank McAlpin: As the leader of a nation that represents freedom and equality to the world President Obama has an obligation to condemn the oppression and human rights violations that LGBT people experience, not just in Kenya but around the world.

What the National Coming Out Day Wrought

National Coming Out Day

Carl Matthes: In about 50 years, LGBT folk built a tremendous network of support institutions; fought vigorously over legal matters and in the courts; became important to the political process and took on HIV/AIDS.

Caitlyn Jenner, Call Her Courageous

Caitlyn Jenner

Frank McAlpin: With her ESPY Courage Award, Caitlyn has created a moment of engagement and visibility that could become part of our larger movement for respect and compassion for all trans folks. And that is very courageous!

Civilization vs. Tribalism

Civilization vs Tribalism

Charles D. Hayes: It’s time for our culture to awaken from its fear-based prejudice, which up to the present has denied that homosexuals exist or, in some cases, have a right to exist.

Marriage Equality as Evolution

Marriage Equality Evolution

Rosemary Joyce: The legal debates about marriage equality, in California, in other states, and in Washington, have consistently highlighted the indignities that anti-marriage equality arguments introduced.

Crime Against Humanity: LGBT Leaders Speak Out

Charleston Crime Against Humanity

Carl Matthes: There are really no words. We grieve for the families and for our country. We know our nation cannot go on like this and yet, here we are. Will enough ever be enough? Until we are willing to address race and entrenched racism in this country, the headlines will continue.

Are Republicans Ready to Defy Supreme Court?

Republicans Marriage Equality

Carl Matthes: We’re being reminded, by some Republican candidates for president that the foundation of America—the Constitution—will no longer past muster as the law of the land if the Justices decide to extend marriage equality from the present 36 states to all 50. So much for law and order.

There’s No “Transgender” Exception to Medically Necessary Care

Transgender Inmate

Melissa Goodman: While psychotherapy and/or hormone therapy is a sufficient treatment for many transgender people, there is overwhelming medical consensus that for some others with the most severe forms of gender dysphoria, gender-affirming surgery is the only available treatment that can address their pain and suffering.