Scouts and the LGBT Community

LGBT Boy Scouts

-+*Carl Matthes: Between internal challenges and potential legal conflicts, the Boy Scouts of America finds itself in an unsustainable position.

Children and the LGBT Community

lgbt families

-+*Carl Matthes: The time has come for America to embrace all of its children, to protect its children, to facilitate loving homes and provide safe schools for its children.

How Hard Is Change? A Fifty Year Perspective

history of racism

-+*John Peeler: There is nothing more threatening to white Americans than young black men. We have always been a country created by whites and for whites: hence the Tea Party slogan after the election of Barack Obama, “We want our country back!”

Westboro Baptist Church: They Came, We Saw, We Conquered

Westboro Baptist Church

-+*t didn’t seem to make the local news outlets, but the Westboro Baptist Church brought their “God Hates Fags” road show to Orange County this past Monday. The Topeka, Kansas-based group made the trip ostensibly to protest at the memorial services for Rev. Robert Schuller, founder of the Crystal Cathedral, in Garden Grove; but they […]

Gay Rights, Black Lives

Gay Rights Black Lives

-+*Brent Budowsky: What was striking in Indiana and Arkansas — and across America — was how the business community joined rights advocates and many Main Street voters supporting the simple justice of equal rights for gays.

Religion Vs. Civil Rights

Republican Anti-Gay Agenda

-+*Steve Hochstadt: As long as the most conservative Republicans, those most likely to vote in primaries, demand that their party fight against equality for homosexuals, Republican politicians seem incapable of resisting.

Michelle Really Needs This Surgery


-+*Melissa Goodman: Michelle has for years suffered severe physical and mental distress because the prison flatly refused to provide her with surgical care she needs to treat her gender dysphoria.

Indiana: Religion, Repression, and Thelma & Louise

Indiana Gay Bashing

-+*Larry Wines: Isn’t it interesting how, when big business threatens to withdraw investment from Indiana solely and specifically because of this new law, it suddenly makes the governor pop the clutch on his brain?

Union-Busting Bigots

Indiana Bigotry

-+*Berry Craig: For cravenly caving to the Religious Right bigots, Pence is getting what he richly deserves: the scorn of a nation.

The Roots of Hate: Shoot the Sodomites

Religious Freedom Restoration Act

-+*Carl Matthes: Is it any surprise, then, that Attorney McLaughlin feels it’s quite okay to write an initiative to kill gay people when a member of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church is making pronouncements that being gay is tantamount to being a murderer and child molester?

Discrimination Is Not Religious Freedom

Religious Freedom Restoration Acts

-+*Rev. Irene Monroe: The Atlanta-based family-owned fast food fried chicken chain Chick-fil-A can now, with the state’s sanctioning of House Bill 1023, openly and legally discriminate in their hiring practices of Jews, divorcees or LGBTQ people based on their Southern Baptist beliefs.

Obama’s Selma Speech Includes Gays

Selma Obama

-+*Carl Matthes: It was President Obama’s firm support that helped propel gay rights to the stage-center as LBJ, using the assassination of JFK and his Southern heritage, brought the passage of the Civil Rights Act to the national center stage.