The “Fight for $15″ and the Return of the Vanishing Worker


-+*Richard Eskow: The Fight for $15 is a fine cause on its own merits. But its greatest importance may lie in the fact that it represents the return of the “vanishing worker” – which in the end means the return of our friends, our families, and our neighbors – to the American political stage.

“Rand Paul’s Favorite Union-Buster”

Rand Paul Union Buster

-+*Berry Craig: Supporters of the RTW ordinances vehemently deny their aim is to destroy unions, but a recent Bloomberg News story about Yessin confirms the guy is a union-buster.

Penalizing Tipped Workers

Penalizing Tipped Workers

-+*Bobbi Murray: A passage embedded in the bill that could undo local minimum wage ordinances previously approved by voters in Oakland, Richmond, San Francisco and San Jose.

Riding for the Homeland Security Ranch

TSA Workers

-+*Larry Wines: Congressional absolutist dumbbells are quite literally playing with fire. Temper-tantrum babies. And they’re not much different from kids playing with matches in the hayloft, with barrels of lamp oil and a lot of nervous livestock in the barn.

Beating Union-Busters at Their Own Game

Beating Union-Busters

-+*Berry Craig: The first order of business, the measure strongly condemns “current efforts by out-of-state forces to divide labor and management and county against county with the introduction of county right-to-work ordinances.”