Labor Must Stand with “Black Lives Matter”

Labor Black Lives Matter

-+*Devin Griggs: We cannot build interracial class solidarity by ignoring the very real ways that workers of color in this country face special kinds of discrimination not visited upon white workers.

Hollywood’s Incentive Games

Movie Making Leaving Hollywood

-+*Jon Zerolnick: The race to the bottom hurts workers throughout the film and television industry, but few groups of workers are hurting as much as the freelance musicians who record the scores to these movies and shows.

The Logic of Short Hospital Strikes

Kaiser Nurses Striking

-+*Alexandra Bradbury: That’s something health care companies have in common, nonprofits especially: they’re image-conscious. A strike is one of the strongest ways to get your message out to the public.

It’s Lose-Lose for Unions with Rand Paul

Rand Paul Presidential Candidate

-+*Berry Craig: Having been thwarted by the Democrats hold in the House, Team Rand is claiming the Kentucky double-dipping ban is unconstitutional. They’ve considered challenging it in court, an interesting prospect considering that Paul professes to be a “states’ rights” guy.

Long Beach Walmart’s Black Friday Protest

Black Friday Walmart Protest

-+*Pandora Young: The workers were going without food to protest the low wages and part-time work schedules that leave so many Walmart employees unable to afford enough food for themselves and their families.

Americans Confront the Walmart 1 Percent

Walmart Black Friday Protest

-+*Peter Dreier: The Black Friday rallies and demonstrations represent a dramatic escalation of the growing protest movement among employees of America’s largest private employer.

Walmart Workers Ramp Up Protests for Black Friday

Walmart Workers Strike

-+*Diane Krauthamer: Walmart workers say they have more actions planned for the days leading up to Thanksgiving, traditionally a time for Americans to spend a day or two reconnecting with friends and family, share a festive meal, and begin preparing for the holiday season.

Nurses Strike: It’s Not Just about Ebola

Kaiser Nurses Strike

-+*Alexandra Bradbury: Though the vicious virus, which can kill in a matter of days, engenders a particular horror, it’s far from the biggest danger facing health care workers on the job, or patients in a hospital.