We Must Stand Together and Demand Justice

Reverend Edward Pinkney

Reverend Edward Pinkney: Many supporters believe that I am being punished by the criminal Berrien County justice system and local authorities for opposing the Whirlpool Corporation’s plan to expand its hostile land takeover and to gentrify Benton Harbor to turn the area into a multi-million dollar golf resort and playground for tourists and the PGA elitists.

Caitlyn Jenner, Call Her Courageous

Caitlyn Jenner

Frank McAlpin: With her ESPY Courage Award, Caitlyn has created a moment of engagement and visibility that could become part of our larger movement for respect and compassion for all trans folks. And that is very courageous!

Civilization vs. Tribalism

Civilization vs Tribalism

Charles D. Hayes: It’s time for our culture to awaken from its fear-based prejudice, which up to the present has denied that homosexuals exist or, in some cases, have a right to exist.

After Charleston: What’s the Meaning of Black Life in America?

After Charleston: What's the Meaning of Black Life in America? — Stephanie Jones-Rogers

View image | gettyimages.com as already weary. Was already heavy hearted. Was already tired. Where can we be safe? Where can we be free?” I excerpted these words from a tweet that Solange Knowles (Beyoncé’s younger sister) posted on June 18th at 6:49pm, the evening after Dylann Roof walked into Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church […]

As Black Churches Burn

Black Churches Burn

David Love: The recent rash of black church burnings have many African-Americans wondering if this marks a resurgence of the nation’s original terrorists — white supremacists.

Rachel Dolezal’s Deception?

Rachel Dolezal Deception

Stephanie Jones-Rogers: The truth is that, for most of our nation’s history, many of the people who we consider to be “white” today, would be “colored,” “Negro,” or “black” in times past.

An Argument for Reparations

argument for reparations

Robert Gordh: If discrimination completely disappeared, immense gaps of inequality would still yawn between the levels of well being for whites and blacks in important areas of life, including, but not confined to, economics, health, education, and criminal justice.

Marriage Equality as Evolution

Marriage Equality Evolution

Rosemary Joyce: The legal debates about marriage equality, in California, in other states, and in Washington, have consistently highlighted the indignities that anti-marriage equality arguments introduced.