The “Fight for $15″ and the Return of the Vanishing Worker


-+*Richard Eskow: The Fight for $15 is a fine cause on its own merits. But its greatest importance may lie in the fact that it represents the return of the “vanishing worker” – which in the end means the return of our friends, our families, and our neighbors – to the American political stage.

Religion Vs. Civil Rights

Republican Anti-Gay Agenda

-+*Steve Hochstadt: As long as the most conservative Republicans, those most likely to vote in primaries, demand that their party fight against equality for homosexuals, Republican politicians seem incapable of resisting.

You Are the Choices You Make

Abusive Relationships

-+*Tiffany Phillips: As a kid, I didn’t have the “cookie baking” grandmother (at least not on my mom’s side). My grandmother was more the whiskey drinkin’, sharp-tongued, spitfire grandma who could be downright ornery sometimes.

I Dream of Asian America #JusticeForAkaiGurley


-+*Soya Jung: For at least the last 50 years Asian Americans have been “raced” as hardworking and obedient immigrants through a model minority storyline that holds individualism, anti-Blackness, and compliance with the status quo in place. This makes our insurgency potent.

“Rand Paul’s Favorite Union-Buster”

Rand Paul Union Buster

-+*Berry Craig: Supporters of the RTW ordinances vehemently deny their aim is to destroy unions, but a recent Bloomberg News story about Yessin confirms the guy is a union-buster.

Michelle Really Needs This Surgery


-+*Melissa Goodman: Michelle has for years suffered severe physical and mental distress because the prison flatly refused to provide her with surgical care she needs to treat her gender dysphoria.

Indiana: Religion, Repression, and Thelma & Louise

Indiana Gay Bashing

-+*Larry Wines: Isn’t it interesting how, when big business threatens to withdraw investment from Indiana solely and specifically because of this new law, it suddenly makes the governor pop the clutch on his brain?

Penalizing Tipped Workers

Penalizing Tipped Workers

-+*Bobbi Murray: A passage embedded in the bill that could undo local minimum wage ordinances previously approved by voters in Oakland, Richmond, San Francisco and San Jose.