You Are the Choices You Make

Abusive Relationships

Tiffany Phillips: As a kid, I didn’t have the “cookie baking” grandmother (at least not on my mom’s side). My grandmother was more the whiskey drinkin’, sharp-tongued, spitfire grandma who could be downright ornery sometimes.

I Dream of Asian America #JusticeForAkaiGurley


Soya Jung: For at least the last 50 years Asian Americans have been “raced” as hardworking and obedient immigrants through a model minority storyline that holds individualism, anti-Blackness, and compliance with the status quo in place. This makes our insurgency potent.

Three Cheers for Ellen Pao

ellen pao discrimination suit

Randy Shaw: Ellen Pao’s lawsuit is transformative because every tech company with an HR department will now be on the alert for the sexist double standards that emerged in her trial.