Society’s Tuition

Muslim Students Murdered

-+*Larry Wines: There IS a reason why we still have a death penalty. Even if you oppose capital punishment with every fiber of your being, you must be able to see why it’s still there, when you are confronted with this.

Surviving the Holocaust: ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’

Surviving the Holocaust

-+*Berry Craig: Death also was ever-present at the slave labor camps. Out of Oberaltstadt’s 3,000 prisoners, only 800 survived the war, Katz said. The Nazis took 60 Jewish females from Sosnowiec, Katz said. She was the only survivor.

Native-American Kids Doused With Beer at SD Hockey Game

Native-American Kids Doused With

-+*Georgianne Nienaber: There is no doubt that hate crimes against Native Americans are under-reported, or simply not reported at all. Perhaps it is because social tensions in and around reservation land on the Great Plains dates back so long that it is commonplace.