What War on Christmas?

What War on Christmas

-+*Rev. Irene Monroe: Some see the war on Christmas as an assault on Christianity. It feels to these Christian holiday revelers that the country, in its effort to be politically correct, is moving toward religious intolerance.

Thank Secularists for Christmas

Is America Christian

-+*Tina Dupuy: We’re a nation of mainly Christians but not even really good Christians. We go to church as much as Europeans, we just lie about it more. Churches are closing down and filing for bankruptcy, yet Americans tell pollsters they’re in church every Sunday.

Is the United States an “Adolescent Culture”?

Adolescent Culture

-+*Ken Wolf: Were an American leader to say that it is time to look beyond our own comfortable lives long enough to put the welfare of others on the planet on a level with ours by addressing some of the problems created by climate change, the result would be predictable.

Firsts in Space Require Political Will

First in Space

-+*Larry Wines: In a sense, today’s landing by ESA symbolizes the descent of NASA from the gold standard to a hollow shell systematically deprived of funding due to America’s “austerity” era.

Latest Religious War

Latest Religious War

-+*Lance Simmens: Bill Maher is only half wrong and if he had only kept some consistency in his reasoning and logic there would be no controversy over the extent to which Islam is more or less violent than any other religion.

Big Oil in Indian Country

Big Oil in Indian Country

-+*Georgianne Nienaber: Point of view is everything. Whether one is referring to the crafts of of screenwriting, poetry, or journalism, the eye of the storyteller is a window to a previously unobserved universe. The art of “telling” embodies spiritual responsibility. I learned this lesson while delivering hay.

Silent Rabbis

Silent Rabbis

-+*Murray Polner: The truth is the Israel lobby doesn’t speak for the majority of us. We were never “One” as a long-discarded UJA fundraising slogan once went. We’re extremely diverse: Zionist, non-Zionist, anti-Zionist, radical, liberal, conservative, reactionary.

Is Modern Technology Killing Us?

Modern Technology Killing Us

-+*Erica Etelsen: The problem with technology is that most innovations have unintended consequences, and those unintended consequences are piling up, causing harm and creating dangers of existential magnitude.

Let Us Now Praise Wealthy Men?

Structural Poverty

-+*Peter Laarman: We should know by now that effective and lasting change is rarely implemented from the top, not even through the visions of the great intellectuals and theologians.

Google Data Reveal Poor Have an Interest Above “Dark” Religion

Googling For Jesus

-+*he estimable David Leonhardt made a media thing happen over the past few days with his Upshot report on what amounts to a NY Times anal exam of web searches, aided and abetted by the non-evildoers at Google. I was traveling when this mess broke, but it was still in front of me via NPR […]

Praying With Women

Catholic Women Priests

-+*Steve Hochstadt: Don’t walk into the wrong church, especially if you see a woman in the pulpit. Then the wrath of the organized church or mosque or temple will be visited upon you.

Will Fallout from Fukushima Ever End?

Fukushima Radiation

-+*Sherwood Ross: The Fukushima nuclear plant meltdown disaster “is not over and will never end,” warns Dr. Helen Caldicott, Nobel Peace Prize nominee and holder of 21 honorary doctorate degrees.