Is Adult Protective Services Protecting Abusers?

Adult Protective Services

Janet Phelan: If President Obama is truly serious about routing out the systemic abusers, one might want to give him this tip: His Attorney General has been the recipient of hundreds of reports about guardians abusing their wards, as has the FBI.

California Goes Dark

California Public Records Act

View image | “We had better share our bewilderments. By hiding them from each other we should not hide them from ourselves.” — C.S. Lewis he darkness now enveloping the state of California is not a result of a power failure. Rather, it is the result of too much power, concentrated in the hands […]

A Checklist for Getting Your Affairs in Order

Senior Couple

Charles Hayes: Death is a subject that most of us avoid for understandable reasons, but if you’ve ever been with someone who had to put the necessary pieces together after a family member has died unexpectedly, or if you’ve had this experience yourself, you know how hard it is to answer questions when there is no one left alive who can answer them.

Indentured Servants in America Today

Indentured Servants in America Today

Charles Hayes: To be truly free one has to have the ability to see through illusions, to defy the herd’s desperate need to conform, and to enjoy the privilege of using one’s time as one chooses.

Outsource Social Security?

Outsource Social Security

RJ Eskow: One of the bitter ironies of the bipartisan austerity craze has been the fact that, while there has been an assault on government jobs, there has been an equal or greater push to transfer government revenues to the private sector using lucrative, cost-inflating “privatization” contracts.

Aging: Myths, Reality, and Nonsense

Myths about Aging

Walter Moss: We are not doing anyone—ourselves or members of younger generations—any good by equating old with bad and young with good. Every age has its plusses and minuses and should be embraced with all the joy and aliveness we can muster.