California’s Oil Industry Captures Regulatory Apparatus

California Oil Industry Regulation

Big Oil spent $266 million influencing CA politics from 2005-2014 he biggest, most explosive story in California environmental politics is the capture of the regulatory apparatus by the regulated, but you wouldn’t know it if you rely on the mainstream media for your information. While corporate agribusiness, the timber industry, insurance companies, the pharmaceutical industry […]

Brown Administration Approves Nine New Offshore Fracks

Brown Approves Offshore Fracking

he administration of Governor Jerry Brown lived up to its role as one of the most Big Oil-friendly regimes in California history by recently approving nine new plans for extensive new offshore fracking near the California coast. The state’s Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources approved the permits for nine new fracking operations in Long […]

Was Santa Barbara Disaster Inevitable?

Santa Barbara Oil Spill

Dan Bacher: Until people challenge the power of Big Oil in California and the industry’s control over the state and federal regulatory agencies, we will see more of the Refugio-type of oil spill disasters in the future.

Take the Toxic Tour, Seriously!

Toxic Tour

Lauren Steiner: I would highly encourage everyone who is unfamiliar with these neighborhoods and the people who sacrifice their health for us to take this tour when CBE offers it again next Saturday.

Do Solar Panels on Your Roof Really Make Sense?


Severin Borenstein: I don’t think my house should be energy independent any more than it should be food independent or clothing independent. Advanced economies around the world have gotten to be advanced economies by taking advantage of economies of scale, not by encouraging every household to be self-sufficient.

George Will Strikes Out on Sustainability in Higher Ed


hen it comes to interpreting baseball’s place in America’s history George Will has no peer. Consider Will’s words as spoken in Ken Burns’ 1994 videography, “Baseball”: “Baseball suits the character of this democratic nation. Democracy is government by persuasion. That means it requires patience. That means it involves a lot of compromise. Democracy is the […]

Native Plants Save Money

Native Plant Garden1

Mary Beth Fielder: Replacing your lawn with natives is a win-win-win-win. Restore the eco-system and bring back the native birds, bees and insects, save water, save money and create something beautiful in the process.

My Lawn Is Worse Than Yours

California Drought

Joe Mathews: What’s a Southern California homeowner to do with high water bills, a historic drought, and no consensus on what to plant instead?

California Ag Escapes Water Restrictions

California Water Restrictions

Margo McCall: With all the focus on tearing out urban lawns, one thing that has not been mentioned is the immense use of water by the livestock industry. It’s estimated that raising livestock for food uses up 30 percent of water resources globally.

Battle Over New Dietary Guidelines Heats Up

New Dietary Guidelines

Margo McCall: There’s increasing evidence that adopting a plant-based diet is better for human health, the planet, and of course for the more than 9 billion animals that are killed for consumption each year in the U.S alone.