The Fracking Boom Is a Fracking Bubble

fracking bubble

Walter Brasch: Had the state imposed an extraction tax on each well, instead of a much-lower impact tax, there would have been enough money to fund road and bridge repair without additional taxes for motorists. Every state with shale oil but Pennsylvania has an extraction tax.

Bechtel-Funded Water Storage Study ‘Half-Baked’

California Water Storage Crisis

Dan Bacher: Reservoir storage does not equate to water supply,” said Jay Lund, lead author of the report and director of the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences. “Reservoirs cannot supply water without a water supply to fill them first.”

How Americans Came to Oppose Fracking

Public Opposes Fracking

Walter Brasch: At first, the few individuals cried into the winds. But, they came together to form small groups, and then larger groups. They read the environmental and public health studies. They heard from the people about the problems associated with fracking.

Thank You, John Podesta

Advisor John Podesta

Tom Hayden: Top presidential aide, John Podesta, slipped off to Beijing last month to secretly negotiate the US-China climate agreement announced this week. One might say, borrowing from Naomi Klein, that “this changes everything.” Podesta simply notes, “It’s a big deal.”

Link Arms: We Are All Connected

Government Agency Blockaded

Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers: For five days in a row this week a federal agency was blockaded by protesters, delaying workers, sending a strong message of demands and resulting in scores of arrests. Did you hear one word about it on mainstream media?

Global Warming Truths

Global Warming Truths

Steve Hochstadt: If we can’t trust our scientists, then what do we do when the next crisis arrives? Whom should we trust when our lives are on the line in the case of an Ebola epidemic?

California’s Proposition 1 Won’t Make It Rain

No on Proposition 1

Ankur Patel: Rather than prioritize sustainable water solutions, this wrong-headed bond package kowtows to a political system beholden to large financial interests that prioritize short-term profits subsidized by taxpayers.

Profiting From Pollution

Profiting From Pollution

Elizabeth Nussbaumer: Offsets and the added profit from repurposed pollution perpetuate and further engrain the trend of polluting with impunity by using energy sources that only take us backwards in our need to address growing pollution debts.

California Cap and Trade Results

California Carbon Offsets

Elizabeth Nussbaumer: We need to invest in truly renewable, sustainable energy; stop pretending switching from coal to natural gas will protect the climate; and regulate fossil fuels to keep carbon in the ground and out of the air.