It has been demonstrated that concentrated ownership of the media in the hands of a few corporate media conglomerates has a negative impact on democracy. The articles posted here address mainstream media, cable, radio, the blogosphere and social media as a means of challenging and possibly dismantling the media industrial complex

I Won’t Listen To That

Using the N Word

Steve Hochstadt: In response to social criticism, aggressors and their defenders have developed their theory of “political correctness”, using the classic strategy of changing the subject.

Words, Guns, Terrorists, and Doublespeak

chattanooga shootings

Larry Wines: We are appalled and dumbfounded that our rich nation has million-dollar condos in gentrified buildings rising above gritty urban streets filled with homeless, aimless, lost souls, many of them our damaged and forgotten military veterans.

Media Credibility: They Do It to Themselves

Media Credibility

Larry Wines: With GPS and built-in map programs and instant access to the internet almost everywhere, no one has an excuse to file a story with glaring obvious inaccuracies. And no TV reporter should ever be put on the air to blather disinformation like happened with yesterday’s fire.

The Myth of Liberal Media

Liberal Media

Steve Hochstadt: Conservatives overwhelmingly do not trust the media. Conservative Americans, unlike everyone else, trust only the few news sources which match their political views.

Bringing Real Reporters Online

Professional Journlism

or more than a decade now, a steady refrain in the online media has been that the traditional practice of journalism was dying, the victim of technological advance and cultural insurgency. It wasn’t just the economic collapse of the legacy press. The most widely followed online news sites were increasingly populated by articles, pictures, and […]

Rachel Dolezal Acts Like a Child Abuse Victim

Understanding Rachel Dolezal

Tina Dupuy: While the national discourse instantly teeheed and tsk tsked at a white woman identifying herself as black, immediately branding her as a freak, a fraud and a phony—we all missed the real story.

What’s Up (or Down) with Pacifica?

What's Up (or Down) with Pacifica? -- Grace Aaron

Grace Aaron: For over 60 years, Pacifica stations have spoken out bravely on issues that are controversial, challenge corporations and political parties, and give voice to ideas outside of the mainstream.