It has been demonstrated that concentrated ownership of the media in the hands of a few corporate media conglomerates has a negative impact on democracy. The articles posted here address mainstream media, cable, radio, the blogosphere and social media as a means of challenging and possibly dismantling the media industrial complex

Rachel Dolezal Acts Like a Child Abuse Victim

Understanding Rachel Dolezal

Tina Dupuy: While the national discourse instantly teeheed and tsk tsked at a white woman identifying herself as black, immediately branding her as a freak, a fraud and a phony—we all missed the real story.

What’s Up (or Down) with Pacifica?

What's Up (or Down) with Pacifica? -- Grace Aaron

Grace Aaron: For over 60 years, Pacifica stations have spoken out bravely on issues that are controversial, challenge corporations and political parties, and give voice to ideas outside of the mainstream.

Keeping an Eye on Fellow Workers

Sherry Chen

Murray Polner: So, Good Luck, Sherry Chen, dealing with a presidential administration which will leave as one of its legacies an unprecedented number of prosecuted leakers and whistleblowers.

Bernie Sanders and an Aberrant Media

MSNBC Attacks Bernie

Larry Wines: Unwarrented labels. Trivializing, defining, ball-and-chain labels, the very labels that the MSNBC show hosts affix to Bernie Sanders with all the epoxy they can conjure, as if (their choice of) these labels were part of his name.

Why Do White Supremacist Biker Gangs Get a Media Pass?

Waco Shooting

ine dead. Eighteen injured. Nearly 200 arrested. But apparently, not much to see here. Looking at the media coverage of the May 17 mass murder among Texas motorcycle gangs, you would get the impression that it is not a big deal. Rival gangs started shooting at each other, and at the police, outside the Twin […]

Has Social Media Spawned a New Civil Rights Movement?

Black Lives Matter Meme

View image | he revolution will not only be televised, but apparently it will be uploaded, downloaded, streamed, posted and tweeted as well. What America has been witnessing—from the killing of Trayvon Martin in Florida and Mike Brown in Ferguson, to Eric Garner in Staten Island, Walter Scott in North Charleston and Freddie Gray […]

Give LA Progressive a Step Up

Common Cause of California

With your help, we plan to bring aboard paid interns to better cover breaking news as they learn to run an online publications empire. (Okay, LA Progressive is more of a municipality than an empire, but you get the point.)

Common Cause and Us

Common Cause of California

Tax Day this year had special meaning for us. Common Cause of California recognized us with their “Local Activists of the Year” award, presented at a glorious ceremony at the Skirball Cultural Center.