Whistleblowers and the Press Heavyweights

Sending Whistleblowers to Prison

-+*John Hanrahan: Following the late January guilty verdicts in the espionage trial of former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling, more proof emerged — if any more were needed — that many elite mainstream journalists abhor whistleblowers and think they should go to prison when they divulge classified information.

A Little Perspective, Please?

GermanWings Airbus 320 flight

-+*Larry Wines: Of course they’ll try to publicly psychoanalyze the pilot with a gaggle of gasbag pop psychologists on retainer for just such occasions. They’ll put his family through hell, and be very self-righteous about “the public’s right to KNOW!”

Bill O’Reilly: The Make-Believe War Correspondent

Bill OReilly Lies

-+*Tina Dupuy: O’Reilly’s whole schtick has been to insult journalists and spread distrust of the media because, according to Bill, they don’t tell the truth. Hypocrisy is one way to spin it. I call it fraud.

Second-Tier Fear

Kim Jong Un Haircut

-+*Larry Wines: Seems some in the West (according to the Wolf Man, Wolf Blitzer) are interpreting Kim Jung Un’s new “extreme flattop” as a form of saber-rattling.

Image Management: What Celebrities and Politicos Share

Video thumbnail for youtube video Image Management: What Celebrities and Politicos Share - LA Progressive

-+*Larry Wines: Had he been quick on his feet, we could have heard a key celebrity tabloid media figure confronted with the big question: whether any of those photos of a celebrity behaving badly is, in fact, the planned outcome of a publicist saying, “You’re not in the news cycle enough. Time to act-out.”

Calling Fox Noise to Account

Fox Noise

-+*Frank Fear: Many of us neither have the time nor the inclination to do that. We’re too busy, too involved in other things to make sure. So what’s passed on to us by others often passes as true—whether or not it is.

Social Media Giants Adopt “Mob Rule” Tactics

Crowd-Censoring Strategies

-+*Janet Phelan: With a mere click of a spam button, any internet troll–or paid employees of the CIA, for example–can reduce the dissemination of inconvenient truths, along with, of course, obvious scams and hoaxes.