Why Do White Supremacist Biker Gangs Get a Media Pass?

Waco Shooting

ine dead. Eighteen injured. Nearly 200 arrested. But apparently, not much to see here. Looking at the media coverage of the May 17 mass murder among Texas motorcycle gangs, you would get the impression that it is not a big deal. Rival gangs started shooting at each other, and at the police, outside the Twin […]

Has Social Media Spawned a New Civil Rights Movement?

Black Lives Matter Meme

View image | gettyimages.com he revolution will not only be televised, but apparently it will be uploaded, downloaded, streamed, posted and tweeted as well. What America has been witnessing—from the killing of Trayvon Martin in Florida and Mike Brown in Ferguson, to Eric Garner in Staten Island, Walter Scott in North Charleston and Freddie Gray […]

Give LA Progressive a Step Up

Common Cause of California

With your help, we plan to bring aboard paid interns to better cover breaking news as they learn to run an online publications empire. (Okay, LA Progressive is more of a municipality than an empire, but you get the point.)

Common Cause and Us

Common Cause of California

Tax Day this year had special meaning for us. Common Cause of California recognized us with their “Local Activists of the Year” award, presented at a glorious ceremony at the Skirball Cultural Center.

Privacy Imperiled

Privacy Imperiled

Edward Wasserman: There’s good reason to suspect that Svenson’s work is only another step toward wider acceptance of what’s called “surveillance art,” incorporating feeds from the web cameras that increasingly infest the public square.

Neocons: First in War, Last in Peace

Irving Kristol

Murray Polner: More than most on all sides of the perennial and bitter political clashes of those years, Kristol knew how to use politics and power to grow his fledgling ideological enterprise.

CPUC Should Say “No” to Supersizing Comcast

Supersizing Comcast

View image | gettyimages.com igger isn’t always better. Of all the cable, telephone and Internet companies, the one with the most awful reputation is Comcast. Type the words “Comcast customer service” into a search engine and prepare to be flooded with customers using words like “nightmarish,” “embarrassing,” “worst ever,” “epic failure” and “customer service from […]

Media Goes Overboard on UVA Rape

Rolling Stone Rape Story

Randy Shaw: The media backlash against Rolling Stone will not raise reporting standards. Instead, it will discourage journalists from getting anywhere near a story about campus rape and sexual assault.

Judith Miller Clings to Her Own Stubborn Myths

Judith Miller

Joseph Palermo: Poor Judy, she’s unaware that her self-serving bullshit last week only reconfirms (albeit in a backhanded way) that “the left” was correct all along about the Iraq War and that she got it dead wrong.

Downplaying Coming Climate Change Catastrophe

Coming Climate Change Catastrophe

British daily’s campaign to prevent climate change raises bold questions about role of press advocacy he Guardian, the London daily that has risen from a respected but fringe player on the British political scene to a major transatlantic voice of liberal thought, did something notable and gutsy a few weeks ago, and just about nobody on […]

Whistleblowers and the Press Heavyweights

Sending Whistleblowers to Prison

John Hanrahan: Following the late January guilty verdicts in the espionage trial of former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling, more proof emerged — if any more were needed — that many elite mainstream journalists abhor whistleblowers and think they should go to prison when they divulge classified information.

A Little Perspective, Please?

GermanWings Airbus 320 flight

Larry Wines: Of course they’ll try to publicly psychoanalyze the pilot with a gaggle of gasbag pop psychologists on retainer for just such occasions. They’ll put his family through hell, and be very self-righteous about “the public’s right to KNOW!”