Calling Fox Noise to Account

Fox Noise

Frank Fear: Many of us neither have the time nor the inclination to do that. We’re too busy, too involved in other things to make sure. So what’s passed on to us by others often passes as true—whether or not it is.

Social Media Giants Adopt “Mob Rule” Tactics

Crowd-Censoring Strategies

Janet Phelan: With a mere click of a spam button, any internet troll–or paid employees of the CIA, for example–can reduce the dissemination of inconvenient truths, along with, of course, obvious scams and hoaxes.

Super (Ad) Bowl Deflation

Super Bowl Ads

Larry Wines: Now that all the multi-million-dollar-a-spot Super Bowl ™ ads have been released early, is there any reason to watch the deflated balls on the field?

Courage and Resistance Tour: Behind Every Mailbox

Betty Medsger

Kevin Uhrich: The reporter who broke America’s original domestic spying scandal and activists who raided an FBI office to obtain the proof teach ‘Lessons in Courage and Resistance’ at All Saints, Caltech, LMU, GCC and Occidental.

It’s SUPER BOWL Time!!

football religion

Murray Polner: It’s become a kind of auxiliary religion and cultural landmark for far too many. 108 million people are said to have watched it on TV in 2014, compared to a measly 40 million audience for the Oscars.

Serial Podcast’s Questionable Reporting Practices

Sarah Koenig Serial

Edward Wasserman: The more the producers advanced hypotheticals about the truthfulness, hidden motives, competency, or credibility of a source—the what-if’s that Koenig presented routinely—the more they put people at risk of unwarranted disparagement.