Iran Deal Prevents Naked Muslim Ray Gun

Iran Deal Video

David Swanson: Don’t listen to the pro-war propaganda even when it’s parroted by the pro-peace advocates. It doesn’t improve your thinking, your understanding, or the prospects in the long run of avoiding war.

Israel Sees Nazism in a Mirror It Mistakes for Window

Huckabee and Nazism

David Swanson: Irael is trying to expel the population of a village for the crime of not being Jewish, the same crime for which Israel bombs the people of Gaza for a month or so every few years and blockades them in between these bursts of violence.

Iran Deal and Anti-Semitism


Lila Garrett: By attacking Iran, we could very easily have resorted to drones armed with nuclear bombs because we have the technology, we have the will , and we have the Republicans.

Weeding Roses in Kabul

Weeding Roses in Kabul -- Martha Hennessy

Martha Hennessy: Of the estimated two million child laborers in Afghanistan, 60,000 work in Kabul, competing for meager wages. They sell bread and shine shoes on the streets to support their families so that they may eat.

The Coming Terror Attacks

Isis Attacks

Brent Budowsky: It is not acceptable to fail to provide effective and sufficient ground troops. Nor is it acceptable to be dependent on Iranian-supported Shiite militia that wages sectarian conflict against Sunnis.