Vietnam 40 Years On


-+*James Rhodes: To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Vietnam’s reunification, the Academy of Journalism and Communication in Hanoi hosted an international war journalist conference.

American Sniper Takes on Democracy

american sniper

-+*Charles Hayes: The movie shows how hard combat is on service members and their families. Seldom do we acknowledge in this country how so many men and women sacrifice so much for so little acknowledgment or reward.

Hansel and Gretel at the Recruiter

military suicides

-+*John LaForge: With sexual violence, endless wars of occupation, fatalities, brain trauma, permanent disabilities and an epidemic of suicides, what military recruiters are selling these days looks like a lot like a bad horror show.

Veterans’ Day Through a Maureen Dowd Flashback

Veterans as Props

-+*Jerry Lembcke: The scenes imagined by Dowd of antiwar-movement hostility to returning G.I.s took root during the 1970s as a political antidote to the uncomfortable truth that activists recruited veterans to their ranks, and thousands of returnees joined the war to end the war.

What Veterans Day Means

What Veterans Day Means

-+*Larry Wines: Despite the events of our time and how we feel about each of them, it remains important, even vital, that we take a day to honor our veterans for putting aside their own lives and entering an environment where personal desires, goals and ambitions are in second-place — often, a distant second-place — to the needs and requirements of military service.

Legless Veteran: A Real War Hero

James Kutcher

-+*Murray Polner: “Legless Veteran” was aimed at three targets: The U.S. Government, opportunistic and scurrilous profiteers of an anti-Red crusade gone mad, and the Communist Party, perhaps because of the longstanding hostility between Stalin and Trotsky.

LA’s Homeless Veterans Betrayed

Los Angeles Homeless Veterans

-+*Ken Olsen: At a time when veterans are dying in the nation’s streets in greater numbers than they died at war in Iraq or Afghanistan, VA is not only turning its back on mentally disabled veterans in Los Angeles but actively punishing them.

Failing Our Veterans

vietnam veteran

-+*Murray Polner: Our inevitable future wars will cost far more. And those who serve will learn, just as Vietnam vets learned, that those who send them to war will never be as bighearted as they were to WWII and Korean vets.

VA Scandal Is Bipartisan

Veterans Administration Scandal

-+*Brent Budowsky: Obama should name a whip-cracking, butt-kicking, hard-charging, retired military officer to spend six months pursuing the SOLE mission of deciding what needs to be done to improve healthcare for vets and going to Congress to get bipartisan support for whatever is needed.