The Military Industrial Complex

President Eisenhower warned against the dangers of developing a military industrial complex. It appears that when all you have in your toolbox is hammers, everything looks like a nail. The articles below give a sense of the many ways we use all of the hammers we've invested in.

Ending Drone Assassinations: Let It Shine

Drone Assassinations

Kathy Kelly: We walked in solidarity with villagers in Gangjeong, South Korea, who’d welcomed many of us to join in their campaign to stop militarization of their beautiful Jeju Island.

US Water Systems May Be Used for a WMD Attack

WMD Attack

Janet Phelan: The configuration of the nation’s public water systems, a configuration which contains parallel water mains, would provide the perfect, undetectable delivery system for a bio/chem attack.

Spreading Peace

Hiroshima Anniversary

Cathy Deppe: The Japanese peace movement delivered more than 6 million signatures from all over Japan, calling for an international convention for the abolishment of all nuclear weapons.

The Art of the Non-Apology by Shinzo Abe

Shinzo Abe Apology

K.J. Noh: Abe refuses to acknowledge the facts, and the facts are these: colonial aggression, colonial exploitation, war of aggression/invasion, crimes against the peace, war crimes, crimes against humanity: mass enslavement….

Replanting Los Alamos

Los Alamos Protest

Kathy Kelly: Are all of us waiting for the terrible plantings at Los Alamos, in a dreadful accident or in one of the swiftly developing moments of crisis looming in our future, to spring up from the earth, an inconceivable whirlwind we hope never to harvest?

Immediacy, Revisionism, and What We Should Remember about Two Days in August

dropping the atom bomb

e see far too many exclamation points these days. From social media’s prolific tufts of sentence-ending triple exclamation points to the hackneyed declarations that everything is somehow “unique,” and by some contorted maze of specifics, “historic.” Most of the time, all we really mean is that something is… peculiar. August 6th is a day when […]

70 Years of Atomic Bombs: Can We Disarm Yet?


Rivera Sun: At Los Alamos (the cradle of the bomb), citizens will gather to mark the days with peace vigils, demonstrations, public speeches from nationally renowned activists, and trainings in nonviolence.

Armed Insecurity

Armed Insecurity

“… no real security, just powers of retaliation.” his was Norman Mailer, four-plus decades ago, writing in “Miami and the Siege of Chicago” about the obsessive security measures – “helicopters riding overhead like roller coasters, state troopers with magnums on their hip and crash helmets, squad cars, motorcycles” – at the Democratic and Republican national conventions, which […]

Flags and More Flags

Remembering Vietnam

Russell Vandenbroucke: Thousands watched a solitary stars and bars descend its capitol flagpole in Columbia; hundreds saw more than 1000 stars and stripes standing sentry before the Wall, one for each of Kentucky’s fallen heroes.

“Christmas in July” in Absurdityville, USA

America Number One

Gary Corseri: The hidden truth of a college education these days is that naïve students are entangled in spiders’ webs of inescapable debts while pursuing an “American Dream” with which safe-cracking politician-“guardians” of the treasury have long since absconded.

Peace Is Boring

peace is boring

Tina Dupuy: There are only 20 countries on this planet that have a GDP bigger than what we spend on our ubiquitous military.