Stop the Killing

Stop Iraq War

Kathy Kelly: The Islamic State is the echo of the last war the U.S. waged in Iraq, the so-called “Shock and Awe” bombing and invasion. The emergency is not the Islamic State but war.

Al Franken, The Liberal’s Darling

Liberal Al Franken

Bill Blum: A year after the US invasion in 2003, Franken criticized the Bush administration because they “failed to send enough troops to do the job right.”

Washington’s War Fever

war fever

Murray Polner: Washington is overflowing with living room heroes who bear no responsibility for the appalling outcomes of the wars they urge on the nation and its presidents.

Doing Business the Same Old Way

US Defending Estonia

Murray Polner: Can you imagine the hysteria and fear mongering in Washington if Putin dared send 200 Russian soldiers to, say, Cuba, Venezuela , Bolivia or Ecuador?

This Is What Working for Peace Looks Like

working for peace

William Lambers: It all started around a bonfire one autumn night in 1945. Students at the College of Mount St. Joseph in Ohio were fired up to begin a project to “Help those who cannot help themselves.”

Can Obama Ignore Drumbeats for War?

Obama New War

Randy Shaw: As the United States grapples with underfunded schools, rising homelessness, and increased inequality, the U.S. media elite has a solution: a new war. Not a war to reduce U.S. poverty, homelessness, or inequality, but another war to stop terrorism abroad.

Global Problems Call for Global Solutions

Curbing World Aggression

Lawrence Wittner: The idea that the responsibility for dealing with global problems lies with the world community rather than with individual nations is not a popular one among the governments of the major military powers.

Afghanistan: In Emergency

Kabul Emergency Surgical Center

Kathy Kelly: Nearly every bed in the Kabul hospital is filled. Sometimes, during past months, when they were overwhelmed with patients needing emergency care, they had to narrow their criteria for receiving patients, accepting only those who required vascular, abdominal and thoracic surgeries.

The United States and Torture

american torture

William Blum: Somewhat to the credit of President Obama that at his August 1 press conference he declared “We did a whole lot of things that were right, but we tortured some folks. We did some things that were contrary to our values.”

Jobless Kabul and the Works of War

Afghanistan Unemployment Rate

Kathy Kelly: As the U.S. cobbles together justifications for its ongoing, foolhardy war in Afghanistan, glimmers of hope persist in small communities like Carmen’s in New York and the APVs in Kabul. They agitate against war.

Where Is the Passion for Peace?

Ukraine Peace Talks

Walter Moss: Today, as conflicts and bloodshed occur in Ukraine (and Gaza, Syria, and elsewhere), we wonder why in the past century we have advanced so little in our ability to prevent such senseless wars.