Former CIA Spook Calls for “Covert” Action Against Assange

intelligenceTwo writers with close ties to U.S. intelligence agencies published a shocking article December 23rd in The Miami Herald asserting that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is “a narcissistic nut” with “blood on his hands” and President Obama should do “whatever it takes to shut down WikiLeaks.”

Without giving a single example of how Assange’s disclosures caused blood to flow, co-authors Thomas Spencer and F. W. Rustmann warn, “No nation can operate without secrets. Unless we adopt an aggressive plan, adopt new tough laws and take immediate action — overt and covert — we face disaster.” The authors go on to state the president should be joined in this suppression of the press by “Congress and our entire intelligence, military and law-enforcement communities” because “(our)lives are depending” on it.

While the above is vaguely worded it does appear that Spencer and Rustmann are calling for “immediate” and “covert” action — to put a stop to Assange’s activities. In short, they appear to be saying Obama & Co. has the right to terminate Assange covertly, that is to say, secretly, and, as the word has come to mean in CIA parlance, “violently” as well. It is no surprise that two writers closely tied to U.S. spy agencies appear to be advocating covert action against Assange, but it is a bit of a shock that the Miami Herald would publish this seeming call for blood.

Pardon me for suspecting this hysterical screech for Assange’s scalp was published with the blessing of the Central Intelligence Agency. Rustmann spent 24 years as a CIA payroller and was an instructor in its covert training center, so he would know, if anybody, how to stick Assange’s feet into a block of cement and dump him in the Everglades. (Hollywood might even make a movie about it, with Rustmann’s intoning, “He sleeps with the alligators.”) As for Herald co-author Spencer, he is a lawyer who represents intelligence officers and is a Life Member in the Association of Former Intelligence Officers.

Rustmann’s former CIA employer, by the way, probably could have taught gangster Al Capone a thing or two. Capone’s record for murders at a single “massacre” was a measly seven, famously achieved in Chicago on Saint Valentine’s Day, 1929. The CIA’s covert killers, who do things globally, triggered a slaughter of 75,000 folks just in El Salvador alone in the 1980s. By some estimates, the CIA has been responsible for overthrowing a score of governments resulting in the murders of millions of people around the world.

Apparently, Spencer and Rustmann weren’t paying attention to former CIA Director Robert Gates, now our Secretary of Defense, who conceded there was no proof that Assange has blood on his hands. As Scott Horton pointed out in Harper’s: “When pressed by the Senate Armed Services Committee, Secretary Gates was forced to admit that these claims were hyperbole — ‘the leak… did not disclose any sensitive intelligence sources or methods.’ Gates went on to acknowledge that there was no evidence of any informant being killed or threatened or even requesting protection as a result of the WikiLeaks publications.”

In fact, the charge Rustmann and Spencer make about Assange having “blood on his hands” is true not of WikiLeaks but is true over and over again of the CIA. It is the world’s No. 1 gangster organization and it operates at the direction of the White House, and has done so for years. Only Dec. 21st, the Associated Press reported from Santiago that “A Chilean government lawyer is seeking to arrest four retired army officers for the killing of renowned folk singer Victor Jara during the 1973 coup.” And which U.S. Agency was behind that violent overthrow? At least 3,000 innocent Chileans were tortured and executed by the generals with the support of the CIA. And Spencer and Rustmann want WikiLeaks shut down? It is the CIA that needs to be abolished.

While Rustmann and Spencer do not cite a single instance of blood on Assange’s hands, investigative journalist William Blum in “Rogue State”(Common Courage Press) reels off a long list of CIA violent actions more than 20 pages long. Here are just a few:

  • Greece: The CIA set up an internal security agency for the neo-fascist government in 1949 that engaged in widespread torture.
  • Philippines: The CIA interfered in the elections, culminating in the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos, the torture tyrant.
  • Iran: In 1953, the CIA overthrew a democratically-elected government. Thousands were subsequently tortured and killed. (Wonder why the Iranians hate the U.S. today?)
  • Guatemala: A CIA-led coup overthrew Jacobo Arbenz in 1953, ticking off 40 years of torture and murder that killed more than 200,000 people.
  • The Congo: The CIA was involved in the assassination of Patrice Lumumba and it pushed Mobutu Sese Seko into power “whose corruption and cruelty,” Blum wrote, “shocked even his CIA handlers.”
  • Ghana: In 1966, the CIA backed the military to overthrow Kwame Nkrumah.
  • Bolivia: The CIA helped the military in 1964 overthrow President Victor Paz by force and violence.

CIA lies to its own government have resulted in horrific wars in which thousands died. As Tim Weiner writes in his book, “Legacy of Ashes: The History of The CIA”, on August 9, 1974, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger received information that “the CIA had been lying about what it had been doing in Athens, deliberately misleading the American government—and those lies had helped start the war consuming Greece, Turkey, and Cyprus, a war in which thousands died.” Blood on whose hands?

Herald writers Rustmann and Spencer seemingly want to silence Assange the same way the CIA has often silenced its enemies. During my college days, when I worked on The Herald, it would have been unthinkable for any editor to allow a contributor to advocate “covertly” attacking another individual in the pages of a newspaper. Apparently, times have changed.

Sherwood RossToday, as the CIA overthrows one government after another, it follows the philosophy of Karl Marx, who declared, “Force is the midwife of every old society pregnant with a new one.” And as the CIA illegally ships weapons to its friendly dictators around the world, it advances the famous thesis of Red China’s Mao Tse-tung, who believed “political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” Abolishing the CIA, which has now adopted the old violent Communist approach in its operations, and transferring its budget to the Peace Corps, is a step that would cause bells to ring around the world. Meanwhile, Assange might do well to hire a few body guards.

Sherwood Ross


  1. says

    Didn’t you commit suicide after Hale-Bop? Or are you just another one of those pathetic overly dramatic Assange Zombies who use fake pictures and fake names. Typical of conspiracy theorists, you are just HOPING for an Assange Assassination.

    Assange claims he has a “poison pill,” should he be killed. Assange has made himself a target for anyone who thinks he may have information they want. It is hard to tell who would have the greatest motive. Will it be the national socialists like Syria and Iran? Or the Marxist socialists like China and North Korea?

    Perhaps some cell of the Al Qaeda will reach out? He has already given the names of Afghan civilians who have been helpful to US forces. It he fails to keep them supplied he will be like the Goose that lays golden eggs….. who has stopped laying.

  2. Donna says

    You are a nut. A real nut. Ordinary people only want to live their lives to the best of their abilities. Our government kills them for not following their agenda. I hope you never see your child killed by a government run amuck. You need to seriously rethink your allegiance to policies that are harmful to real people.

  3. Joshua says

    Waht do you think the CIA does all day? Do you think their mandate is to hurt innocent people for sh*ts and giggles OR to protect OUR country at any cost? How would you compare the CIA to the KGB or MI-6 , or any other intellegence agancy ever to exist?

    Mayor of Delusionville, the world is not a friendly happy place that you think it is. Maybe in the fatasy land that is your reality, everyone else in the world is very nice, BUT the Evil US drives them to do bad things, it’s not their fault ..Insert silly Progressive catch phase here.

    The most absurd point is giving money to the Peace corp. Everyone knows that the cabal who runs it, uses it for long term vacation for their cronies. It is a racket which does NOTHING usefull for THIS Country.

    Julian Assange has hurt this Country, and you are as giddy as school girl about it. You curse the people who , day in, day out, protect this country. You put none of your “facts” in context by comparing the CIA to anyother intellegence agency. Nor do make any attempt to contrast their Ugly, with their Bad , with their Good.

    Oh that’s right , in your world view , protecting America is Bad, and we should be destroyed so we can have a Communist Utopia run by progressive half-witts.

    • europeace says

      the problem is that an agency like the cia is not only protecting “your” country at any cost within “your” frontiers, but also outside, by fighting a secret war inside foreign countries. they infiltrate foreign governments for not only protecting “your” country, but also doing their best to keep your country functioning at the cost of making “your” view of national economic interests nowadays also called “national security” “ours” too (as it was done with southern-american countries during the last century). if your secret agencies would do their shit inside the usa, well yes, i’m all for it (maybe going after financial corruption, imagine …, but i fear this would end capitalism completely), but keep out of mine, we have enough to do, to keep idiots away from gaining positions of power inside our democrazies, we do not need foreign “support”. i don’t even want to know how many assanges from your agencies are currently working in europe, when caught would simply distress relations for a few days, but noone would call for their death here. those crying for killing him, are those having a reason to be afraid, because they know they did wrong.

      i as an european hope that more assanges will appear, the world will get better, and unless you are not starting to quest your power-structures on your own, it will and must be done from the outside. your country simply has gotten too dangerous to the outside over the years, and bush was the turning point. if you are not able to vote against idiots like bush and cheney, and dozens of others reaching the top of the pyramid of control and power, the outside has to react simply to be able to survive. in europe more and more people turn to the far right again (hungary), it’s a tendency clearly. why? because our politicians do not seem to get forward, we pay for a crisis, done by wall-street-“actions”, done by your politicians because they wanted to keep up the illusion of capitalistic happiness to everyone by being able to create endless debt as a main principle of the current economic system on a global basis. this whole snowball-system broke down, and we have to pay now, by keeping people away from voting for narcists, anti-semitistics and anti-americans that think, that it would suffice to get rid of “those bankers” again. if the us-citizens do not start to think about their current crisis seriously, also of the reason why the assange-phenomena exists, maybe investigating into 911, jfk-assasination again, this i fear will end very badly

  4. Nancy says

    Shall we march on the White House to throw these boogies out and abolish the renagade CIA anti-Americans-or shall we do some sit-ins? Of course we may have to wait for warmer weather.

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