Chick-Fil-A Lineup: Great Moments in Civil Obedience

chik fil a lineupSometimes there’s a glimmer, sometimes there’s a flare. Sometimes it’s just a buncha idiots standin over there.

It’s for historians to determine the great moments — the slivers of time that determine the course of a nation. Great (or not so great moments) — the times that show without a doubt the trajectory of a county. For America — was it the establishment of The Patriot Act?, Bush v Gore?…..or perhaps the first bombs to hit Iraq? I’m thinking that the point of no turning back was the moment so many pasty bastards stood in line last week at Chick-Fil-A’s across the nation. Idiocracy has been fulfilled. The Mayans (and Mike Judge were right).

They’ve been playing Rock, Paper, Shredder with all legal protections for citizens, but the silence has been at 11. The average American simply didn’t care. Until it involved fast food and sodomy, and a ridiculous perception that protecting free speech means supporting guys who use their money to advance hate.

Oh, those dupes went rogue. So rogue they bought heaps of food-like substances. Because somebody (generally their church leaders) told them to. They bought some fattening, unnatural chow as a political stance. What’s next? Napping for Victory? Urinating for Unity? Such personal sacrifices. I’m gonna get me some Type II Diabetes for Jesus.

But of course, you know, it’s all because they are ROGUE. The division between what many Americans think they are (bold and independent) and what they really are (scared and weak) has probably never been greater. Stand in alliance with a guy who helps fund groups that will cause pain for another group of humans. What bravery. They perceive this to be about freedom, and a bizarre notion that religion is under assault in this very religious country — not that it’s about bullies running off at the mouth about those they don’t approve of, and using resources to make life harder for others. But it’s because of the Bible, of course.

Here we go- I can’t help myself:

chick fil a palinsI’m willing to bet lots of women were standing in line at Chick-Fil-A during their periods. Umm, pretty sure the Bible isn’t okay with that. Get thee to a shed and hide during your unclean time. But of course, it’s always about picking and choosing which nonsense you feel compelled to support. I blame the Kotex plutocrats for getting that part of the Bible ignored. They have a lot of power.

But you know, places like Uganda have stirrings of a death penalty being enacted for being gay. Hate funds come from America to fuel that sort of thing. And it’s a nice test ground for extremism. It also makes you understand how jackasses like Phelps and company can afford to travel so much.

There are deep pockets out there who fund this ideology. The blood of every scared kid who commits suicide because they decide “it’s not gonna get better”….well, that blood is on the hands of these people who deal in hate and manipulation. The extremist slide is greased. But I’m just falling in line, getting outraged, too. This deserves pretty much nothing but ridicule….that slices through the bullshit better than appeals to reason.

And oh how the Chick-Fil-A lines buzz:

“It’s so hard baby, to be so rogue. You just don’t know. I have pain from it, you know, the rogue. It’s so hard to live in a nation that has 80% identification with my Christianity. I feel so alone.”

“I know, I know- we are always getting’ hit by leftist sex forces……. I’ll have a large order of Waffle Fries, a Large Chicken Sandwich. And a large diet Coke, please.”

Many future straight marriages were sealed that day. Get past the purity ring put on her finger from Daddy, and there’s potential.

“Met momma when her Christian light shined like a hetero beacon across the glow of the chicken grease. Me and my – you know, rogueness-well, I asked for her hand. Right there in the food court. I know my lord approves. ”
Chapter 11, page 32 “The History of the Decline and Fall of the American Empire”

A nation that once utilized civil disobedience as a tactic to unhinge underlying divisive practice became one that purchased mass produced, chemical laden food in an attempt to group identify with those whose ideology was firmly in place already. The perceived “victimhood” of the group simply enhanced the corporate profit margins, allowing wealthy individuals to continue wielding disproportionate power in the halls of government.

Kathleen Peine

Kathleen Peine: Click image for more articles by Kathleen.

Agendas of division were selected for and the masses responded as expected by the looting class. This ushered in the leadership of President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Chick Fil A Herbert Camacho, a man uniquely qualified to lead the disintegrating nation.

Ah, Hick-Fil-A Appreciation Day, 2012.

Kathleen Peine

Posted: Sunday, 5 August 2012


  1. Tyrannus Evisceratus says

    I was never a big consumer of chick fila, but I like their shakes and I am going to consume more of them to show my support.
    The left doesn’t understand that money wins elections and shows support not idiots vandalizing random bank property with their filthiness.

    • -Nate says

      That’s good : display your ignorance to the World some more please .
      I went to some Occupy Events and guess what ? they weren’t the messes shown on faux noise because it was all BULLSHIT ~ cowardly kock-suckers like you , photoshopped in filth pictures from other events because they couldn’t handle the truth .
      Please , continue to show everyone why it is that Children are supposed to watch & learn , not make policy .

      • Tyrannus Evisceratus says

        I don’t care what the world thinks. America rules the world at the moment until China puts us in our place for our excesses.
        Isn’t the left always encouraging the youth to get out and vote. I guess you don’t like it when the youth actually knows what is up do you? Also the only cock suckers I see are the democrats like yourself. I don’t see republicans sucking up to the gays.

        • -Nate says

          Once again , history & truth are lost on you .
          If you don’t care , then why are you making multiple posts about things you’re so clearly ignorant of ? .
          I seem to have touched a nerve here , I didn’t realise you’re still hiding in the closet , most republicans are , that’s why they’re so loud about gay bashing , like that gop Congressman who’s airport pickup fiasco story keeps changing……
          Relax , it’s O.K. if you like sex with men , this is AMERICA and if it’s O.K. for rush to diddle little boys in the D.R. , then it’s O.K. for you to hide or come out , no one but the koch brothers and gop tea baggers will judge you .

  2. says

    Have to agree with your view that this type of “protest” is , choose a word…What Would Jesus Do? Don’t see Him buying a sandwich…really can’t. But wasn’t it great for the business? Wow…

  3. -Nate says

    I only ate there once and the ‘ food ‘ was inedible , I had to throw it out .
    As an Adult (unlike shills or tea baggers) I don’t really care of some ceo boob shoots his mouth off defying Christ’s message of love & tolerance , even if it is about nasty Gays . so what ? I choose not to be Gay so what they do doesn’t concern me , neither should it concern you alls . -Nate

  4. Ryder says

    The first bombs to hit Iraq, were in response to an all out hostile invasion of Kuwait, which drove an entire population into exile. I’ll credit your age with failing to remember this. When do you support standing against massive unilateral hostility?

    The “shredding” of “protections” from government are a concern, but if I may be allowed to guess, you are very much against the most basic protection that any citizen may have, and that is to use arms to defend their lives and property. I’m speculating that getting guns out of the hands of citizens is high on your list. Tell me I’m wrong. A liberal court said that government could take your home and land, and turn it over to a corporation for the purposes of collecting more taxes. Where are the protections against this government theft? A liberal court has said that if you don’t want to buy health insurance, then there is a special tax rate *just for you* (a fee for your exercise of free will). Where are the protections against this affront to free will?

    Sorry, sister. You paint a highly biased picture.

    The Patriot act deserves criticism, and Obama should get the most for keeping it around when he had the choice to end it. Says one thing, and does another. For TWO YEARS, Democrats had full control of the government, and yet we still have the Patriot act.

    Since we’re talking about Chick-Fil-A… here is the most shocking thing: Where is your loud condemnation of a government that decides that a certain business is ILLEGAL in Chicago, because the owner does not *think* the things that the government wants him to think. That’s right, sister… ‘we’re shutting you down, because you don’t express the social views we want’.

    Where are the protections against this? Do you actually value freedom of THOUGHT or EXPRESSION? Without government threat or coercion?

    Because if you remain silent, while free people are punished for not thinking in a politically correct way and expressing unpopular ideas (in the eyes of government), then how much can you really say that such freedoms mean anything to you?

    It’s time to stand on principle. If you can honestly say that a business should be prevented to operate because the owner doesn’t think like you do, then say so, so we all know where you stand… OR STAND for freedom of expression… and an end to government coercion and abuse of power.

    You probably think yourself a tolerant person. If you are, then you should be standing firmly for the right of Chick-Fil-A to operate, and launch criticism of any government body that would enforce personal views on anyone.

    My guess, is that in this case, you left your tolerance at the door, and your hatred of abusive government there as well.


  5. youcancallmeray says

    Oh your just upset because they didn’t leave their trash all over the ground, and they didn’t defecate and piss all over the shrubs like you Occupy hero’s. Stupid racist’s just don’t know how to protest correctly!

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