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Climate Day

Photo by Chris LeBoutillier on Unsplash

“Only the complete elimination of CO2 [carbon dioxide] emissions would lead to a slow reduction in CO2 in the atmosphere over the next century.”
~ Dr. Brenda Ekwurzel. Senior Climate Scientist, Union of Concerned Scientists

On his ‘Climate Day’ our new President Joe Biden is expected to end fossil fuel subsidies, pause new drilling and review existing oil and gas leases on public lands. He has already rejoined the international Paris Climate Agreement. These are good first steps, but he must do more. Ultimately though, Biden cannot act unilaterally to solve our climate emergency. Americans need to demand that their elected officials pass comprehensive climate change legislation that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero, quickly.

In order to help make that happen, Vote Climate U.S. PAC turned our 2020 Voter’s Guide into a 117th Congress Climate Scorecard. By listing election winners who are now incumbents in the U.S. House and U.S. Senate, the Scorecard can be used as a resource between elections. The scores include candidate’s overall Climate Calculation based on their: position, leadership, key votes and a fee on carbon pollution. It is the only scorecard of its kind that focuses exclusively on climate change. Be sure to click the green + button beside the name for detailed research.

The Vote Climate U.S. PAC 117th Congress Climate Scorecard is a tool that citizens, leaders, activists, organizers and the media can use to find detailed, climate change information on every member of the U.S. House and U.S. Senate. Our Scorecard is a unique resource that will help America to pass meaningful climate legislation while climate action candidates are in control of the White House, the U.S. House and Senate.

Ultimately, it’s up to the American people to demand an end to greenhouse gas emissions from their elected officials.

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When citizens lobby their elected officials on climate change, they can use our Vote Climate U.S. PAC 117th Congress Climate Scorecard to understand where every member of Congress stands, whether they are supporters, opponents or swing votes and move them in the right direction. Americans can consult our Scorecard prior to town hall meetings to know whether to thank elected officials, persuade them to improve their position, be a better leader, vote climate, or support a fee on carbon pollution. Climate change organizations can use our scorecard in their lobbying and organizing efforts. The media can use it in their stories, for an instant view of climate change stances.

Our Vote Climate U.S. PAC 117th Congress Climate Scorecard is featured today in the prominent Newsletter with Emily Atkin in an article entitled: 'Climate Day' should be every day: A new database to keep track of lawmakers' climate position can help keep the pressure on, in which she says, "Whether you agree with the scoring or not, though, the database contains—excuse my French—a proverbial buttload of detailed climate-related information on each member of Congress. And that means it has the potential to be incredibly useful for reporters, activists, organizers, or regular citizens looking to hold lawmakers accountable on climate change."

Ultimately, it’s up to the American people to demand an end to greenhouse gas emissions from their elected officials. Find out where you U.S. Senator and Representative stand with our Vote Climate U.S. PAC 117th Congress Climate Scorecard. Then find your Senator and your Representative or just call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121. They will get you to the right office. When you reach them, simply say, as the climate scientist Brenda Ekwurzel indicates above, “We need comprehensive climate legislation that eliminates greenhouse gas emissions as quickly as possible.” Tell them that they must lead the way to get off fossil fuels, transition to clean, renewable, energy and reduce carbon pollution by putting a fee on carbon pollution, in order to slow climate change and related weather extremes.


NOTE: For "117 Senators" and "117 Representatives," in our Scorecard, please read the criteria in the Voter’s Guide Scoring Criteria for Incumbents. For "117 New Senators" and "117 New Representatives," please read the criteria in the Voter’s Guide Scoring Criteria for Challengers.

Karyn Stickler
Common Dreams