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Democrats must adapt to political climate change or go extinct.

Political Climate Change

Most of us are already aware that the Earth is in the midst of its sixth mass extinction event. The previous extinction events were caused by asteroid impacts or supervolcanic eruptions while the current mass extinction is almost certainly caused by human activity. Whatever the cause, however, it’s observably happening. That fact cannot be denied.

Many Democrats are conservationists with a strong belief in science, but even they don’t seem able to apply what they observe happening in nature to their own lives.

Many Democrats are conservationists with a strong belief in science, but even they don’t seem able to apply what they observe happening in nature to their own lives.

One of the main factors of the current extinction crisis is rapid change in the environment. Many species can adapt to tremendous changes if those changes develop slowly, over thousands or even tens of thousands of years. But when they develop in the space of just a few, many species simply can’t keep up.

If I point out to my traditional Democratic friends that the future of the left is to be bold and progressive, not conservative, they tell me, “It’s people like you that caused Hillary Clinton to lose to Donald Trump! Haven’t you learned anything? You must get behind the mainstream candidate or we’ll lose again! And it will be all your fault!”

Gallup polls show that 47% of Americans—not just Democrats but all Americans—favored universal healthcare in 2010. Today that number is 57%. The numbers are even higher in polls done by other organizations that included more information when asking the question. “Saving Obamacare” is not where the voters are right now. Voters want Medicare for All. Voters no longer want “affordable college.” They want tuition-free colleges, universities, and trade schools. This isn’t just an evolution in ideas, as important as that may be. It’s an evolution in experience. Most of the industrialized world already has both of these policies, and we can see it with our own eyes.

Learning is part of adapting. When farmers learned that planting corn in the same field year after year depleted nutrients from the soil, they learned to rotate their crops. When sailors learned that eating citrus prevented them from developing scurvy, they began including lemons as part of their essential supplies. At the start of the last Ice Age, humans moved south and put on more animal skins. Or they died.

But the Democratic Party seems to be having difficulty making the mental adjustment to the facts now facing them.

I understand that mainstream Democrats WANT things to go back to the way they were. “Before” was emotionally comfortable. But the environment has changed.

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My friends are scared and angry and desperate to “fix” progressives, who they see as “others,” so they won’t need to make any modifications to their own behavior.

If it makes moderate Democrats feel better, I can agree it would be smart for people to do as the moderates wish, that we should all do as they say, that I myself will do it.

But you know what? None of that means it’s actually going to happen. Millions of other Democrats and Independents are still not going to do as the moderates demand. That’s just a fact. Like oceans growing warmer. You can yell and curse and condemn all you want. But if you don’t accept facts, you’re in serious danger. And as we know from observing ecosystems, when one species goes extinct, there is often a cascade of events bringing about the end of a dozen others. So if moderate Democrats are worried about us bringing them down, we are equally worried about them bringing us down. We would give in if we could, but we can’t...because the climate has changed.

And we want to live.

George Bernard Shaw said, “Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

I’m sorry this is difficult for my mainstream Democratic friends. Pointing out the new political climate is like telling them they have diabetes, and now they will have to reduce their carb intake and inject themselves daily with insulin.

I know you don’t WANT to have diabetes. You don’t WANT to have to change the way you live. But like it or not, that’s what the new reality requires.

The majority of eggs American alligators lay will produce female hatchlings when those eggs are incubated at 30 degrees Celsius. Those exact same eggs, incubated at 33 degrees, will produce mostly male hatchlings. As global temperatures rise, can you see the implications for the continued survival of the species? They will either find a way to adapt. Or they won’t.

Species that cannot adapt to change in their environment become extinct. This is an observable, scientific fact. Sometimes, species that have dominated their ecosystems for millions of years go extinct in the course of only a few years, an infinitesimal fraction of their time on Earth, because the changes occur too quickly for them to keep up.

Johnny Townsend

Democrats, you must adapt or you will go extinct.

Johnny Townsend