Clint Eastwood and Chrysler Upset the ‘Hope America Fails’ Republicans

clint eastwoodIt was a Super Bowl ad that told a super-truth about the revival of the American auto industry because of the successful policies of President Obama. No doubt Ron Paul can dig up some Austrian economists to disagree, Mitt Romney can say he would have preferred his approach of massive layoffs and a wave of bankruptcy filings throughout the auto sectors, and Newt Gingrich can claim it was about black people on food stamps.

In my last column, “A Tale of Two Romneys,” I suggested that George Romney, a great governor and auto-industry CEO, would have supported President Obama’s successful policy and deplored the vulture-capitalist alternative offered by his son, Mitt.

The Hope America Fails Republicans cannot handle the truth that the auto policy worked wonders. What is good for American auto companies is good for President Obama. What is good for American auto workers is good for President Obama. What is good for America is good for President Obama. The Republicans can’t handle the truth, because they are so negative that what is good for America is bad for Republicans!

Now the Hope America Fails Republicans are unhappy with Chrysler and Clint Eastwood for telling the truth about the good news for America. Isn’t it funny how certain Republicans and their voices in the media are to facts what Pravda was to covering the Soviet Communist Party? They pretend facts and opinions they do not like do not exist. Well, the American auto industry is back. If Republicans do not like this, tough luck for them.

The Blame Americans First Republicans cannot handle the truth, either. Remember how they blame workers? Unions? And poor people? The Blame Americans First Republicans claim that jobless Americans want to be jobless, and poor Americans want to be poor. Pravda during the Brezhnev years would be proud of this nonsense!

Brent Budowsky

The American auto industry is back. The American autoworkers are back. The American jobs market is coming back.

Let the Hope America Fails Republicans quote the atheist Ayn Rand, Austrian economists or creative-destruction theorists so popular in Mitt Romney’s circles.

My answer to them is: There is good news for America. As Clint Eastwood would say: Make my day!

Brent Budowsky
The Hill 


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    Brent, good points about the value of Obama’s auto industry rescue and I loved that Eastwood ad. However, if you’re going to say that a sector of Republicans is explicitly unhappy with the Eastwood ad, then you should find some examples. Yes, I am already aware of those who deny the auto bailout worked on think it shouldn’t have been done anyway, etc, but that’s not the same as picking on a particular ad. Thanks, just want some clarification and backing for what you say.

    • says

      Actually, Neil – –
      Karl Rove did come right out and blast Eastwood and the ad. Yep – he was quite unhappy. He accused Obama of funding Chrysler’s ad, aamof.

      Uh – – hello? Eastwood is a staunch Republican. But that makes no never-mind to Rove. The ad said the US is climbing out of the hole and that raised his hackles. That’s only supposed to happen when a Republican is in the White House, dontchaknow. Of course, the fact that we landed in the hole when a Rep WAS in the White House is the man behind the curtain that we’re supposed to pay no attention to.

      So, facts be damned. Obama must have funded the ad and it must be propaganda.
      Case closed.

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