CNN Airs Anti-Immigrant Front Group’s ‘Pro-Labor’ Incendiary Ad

plymouth-hallCNN is once again airing an incendiary ad by the anti-immigrant front group, Coalition For The Future Of The American Worker, which warns that the US government is letting in 1.5 million foreign workers a year to take jobs from the 15 million unemployed Americans. Roy Beck, Executive Director of the anti-immigrant group NumbersUSA and principal spokesperson for the Coalition, called on supporters to discuss the ad at town hall meetings and declared the need for an “immigration suspension” bill to “champion workers.”

A previous version of the ad aired earlier this year. Watch it below:

To begin with, the supposedly labor-friendly “Coalition” is nothing more than a self-proclaimed “umbrella group” of the country’s leading anti-immigrant organizations which includes several designated hate groups: Californians for Population Stabilization, Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), NumbersUSA, and the American Immigration Control Foundation (AICF). According to the Center for Community Change, FAIR and AICF have both received funding from the white supremacist and racial eugenic foundation, the Pioneer Fund.

The Coalition obviously has had little interaction with the nation’s two largest labor federations which are calling for comprehensive immigration reform that provides a path to legalization for undocumented workers and recommend the creation of an independent commission to assess and determine future levels of immigration. The local AFL-CIO in Detroit — where so many American autoworkers have been laid off — recently adopted a resolution vigorously supporting the labor federations’ immigration principles.

How the Coalition arrives at the notion that the US is even accepting 1.5 million “new” foreign workers is baffling. A few months ago, when NumbersUSA trumpeted the data (then estimated at 1.6 million immigrant workers), Walter Ewing of the Immigration Policy Center picked the far-fetched estimate apart. According to Ewing, the estimate is “so full of holes as to be virtually meaningless” and consists of two broken parts: an “extravagantly inflated estimate” of 744,000 “new” Green Card holders and “the unverifiable assertion” that the US is letting in another 913,000 non-permanent foreign workers.


Department of Homeland Security (DHS) statistics clearly indicate that the majority of “new” Green Card holders are not actually new immigrants, but rather students, refugees and temporary workers who have applied for an “adjustment of status” while already in the US. As for the second number, NumbersUSA doesn’t clearly define it and also fails to provide its source. All in all, legal avenues for foreigners wanting to work in the US are actually extremely restricted and green card numbers are tightly capped and limited to certain categories of persons.


This past election season, the Coalition sponsored a series of inflammatory ads that were blasted as “borderline racist” and pulled off their air by one Iowa station. While CNN refuses to air an ad criticizing the insurance industry which is actually backed by labor, the “Coalition” of anti-immigrant labor-friendly posers has its misleading ad placed on regular rotation.

Andrea Christina Nill

Republished with permission from the Wonk Room/Think Progress


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    When founded by Ted Turner, in what seems like a parallel universe and many eons ago, CNN was THE mold breaker, proving that a 24-hour news network had a place in this country. But Turner is long gone from any control of the network. Long, long gone.

    CNN has gone through a gradual metamorphosis that would make it unrecognizable to its original founders. It has become just another establishment piehole and, hardly surprisingly, one that has veerede to the far right. With Larry King as its token moderate (shades of Alan Colmes), Lou Dobbs is a far more representative symbol of what CNN has become.

    The major broadcast networks have long since compromised their integrity in their abject willingness to back down in the face of right wing lobbying. CBS, especially, has been a lost cause. The recent death of Walter Cronkite merely symbolizes the final nail in the coffin of a body that once pulsated with the vigor of its Murrows, Friendlys and Rathers.

    But to act as though this version of CNN just popped out of the air seems to indicate either disingenuousness or Rip Van Winkle syndrome.

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