Colin Powell Pulls No Punches

colin-powell.gifYesterday Barack Obama spoke at a rally in St. Louis, Missouri attracting 100,000 people. Awesome!

And this morning on Meet the Press, Colin Powell gave an eloquent empassioned declaration of support for Barack Obama. Powell’s message is unequivocal. We must do all we can do to get out the vote. Dick and I are spending the day registering voters at Venice Beach. Please remind anyone you know who has not registered to vote that Oct 20 is the deadline.

In my article, “Six Degress – Looking for Leaders Who Will Lead” , I expressed disappointment in Colin Powell’s avoidance of taking a stand for or against the policies of either candidate. But on Sunday morning Colin Powell pulled no punches. In his interview on Meet the Press, the former Secretary of State said he found that McCain was unsure of how to deal with the economic problems we are having in this country. Powell also felt that the selection of Governor Palin as McCain’s VP was a mistake. See the full interview below.

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  1. Hollis says

    Further thought. If Colin Powell had made his endorsement earlier then it would have been forgotten by election day. It has better impact closer to the election when it can have a positive influence on voters sitting in the middle of the road as they can say, “Ah ha, Colin Powell felt just like we do, and his reason makes sense to me and now is the time for me to go for Obama.” I think that Secretary Powell’s move was well timed.

  2. Lois H. says

    Powell SAID he waited to endorse either candidate until he heard the debates and had thoroughly “vetted” them. In my estimation, this makes his endorsement of Senator Obama a more important one. By putting so much thought and consideration into his decision, he can and should influence all those “undecideds” who are driving everyone crazy in the most important presidential race of our lifetime. Get off the fence now, “undecided voters”, and do what is right for your country. Vote for Barack Obama.

  3. Georgia says

    I agree with Marta, but I’m still glad Powell endorsed Obama.

    I remember when they had hearings on whether or not WMD’s had ever really been found, or if there was a cover up. Powell and the others did not have to swear an oath, and therefore could lie without being prosecuted later. Will never forget that. What kind of ‘hearing’ doesn’t swear in people to tell the truth or face prosecution?

    This endorsement WILL HELP a lot of unsure military voters to decide to vote for Obama. I haven’t see “W” the movie yet, but I’m anxious to see how much Powell had in Bush’s presidential decisions.

  4. Hollis says

    While the endorsement of Colin Powell is to be welcomed, he did wait till late in the election to come out. But, more to the point, the GOP establishment has obviously begun to read the hand writing on the wall and now is a time of peril for progressives. We don’t need to see our candidate get elected with a landslide and then the GOP “moderates” or pragmatists making a claim that they must be listened to on “war and foreign affairs” as well as the economy and demand that progressive movement positions roll over and die in the name of American exceptionalism and our right to lead the world through the free market economy. Progressives must be ready to push Obama to new heights while supporting his leadership when it is correct and criticizing and nudging when it is wrong. It has been the effort, the time and the money of the progressive forces that have in large part brought about this amazing situation, not that of the gutlessness of the middle of the road, bi-partisan democrats. We must remember that much of what went wrong happened on BC’s watch, not just GWB’s, GHB’s and Reagan’s. The establishment will try to reassert their “authority” and assert their experience, their patriotism, and their understanding of the needs of this exceptional nation and if we are not strong then the middle of the road will collapse and give in to the right. One must remember that General Powell facilitated our misguided policy in Iraq that has brought death to hundreds of thousands of Iraqis as well as the destruction of their nation which had not attacked our nation. He facilitated the war on oil and we forget that at our peril.

    • says

      I expressed misgivings last week when we heard rumors that Powell would do what he did this morning. I said something on the order of, “he’s kept his peace so long when it might have made a difference that he should keep on keeping his peace.”

      I was wrong, at least in part.

      More than just the fact that he endorsed Obama, Powell’s carefully reasoned and pointed explanation of how he arrived at his decision will have to affect middle-of-the-roaders — moderate Republicans and Bill Clinton’s Democrats.

      It’s critical that Obama and Biden win, I think we all agree, and if Powell will help make that happen, three cheers.

      I also agree with Hollis that the work for the progressive, liberal, wingnut wing of the Democratic Party — whatever we are — doesn’t end on November 4th with an Obama victory. It just begins.

      If the Obama Presidency gets drawn into the “center-right” government the mainstream media’s talking heads chatter on about endlessly, then we will have missed our chance.

      We’ve got to tap into all this young, newcomer, outsider energy that is sweeping Obama toward the White House and use it to make fundamental change in the way our government works.

      I was talking with a fellow today down at a rock concert on Venice Beach about how the 60’s energy and the Vietnam protest movement completely lost steam in the 70s, replaced instead by this decades-long conservative movement that has done so much damage to American freedom, justice, and equality.

  5. Marta says

    Powell is a craven opportunist, hoping for a spot in Obama’s cabinet.

    Why did he wait until the numbers were FOR Obama before the endorsement? That’s called hedging your bets, and has NOTHING to do with integrity

    Powell has been an obedient servant to the Bush administration and clearly responsible for the Iraq war which- in addition to the death of over 4,000 Americans and over 1 MILLION Iraqis- has destabilized the entire Middle East, and increased terrorism.

    And let’s not forget that Powell was the force behind the cover-up of the My Lai massacre.

    Colin Powell has ZERO integrity

  6. yehudi webster says

    Colin Powell’s comments on the right-ward shift of the Republican Party, comparison of Senator McCain’s and Barack Obama’s policy proposals, and ultimate decision to endorse Barack Obama deserve praise for their courage, honesty, and even brutal frankness. His party, the Republican Party, is not qualified to lead America in these times of trial and tribulation. John McCain made an irrational call in not standing up to forces of divisiveness and rabble-rousing in the Republican Party. He should not have chosen Governor Palin as his running mate, and should not have allowed his campaign leaders to project potentially murderous associations between Barack Obama and terrorism. Would that Powell had come out two years ago and admit that the invasion/occupation of Iraq was, in Obama’s words, “wrong from the start.” Would also that Powell’s support doe not influence a President Obama in the direction of reneging on his promise to withdraw America’s forces in Iraq. Would that Powell’s late endorsement does not cause a President Obama to take his eye off the ball–a radical reconstruction of American foreign policy. Peace and national security can be achieved through intellectual, moral, and diplomatic strength. America can do this. The America visible in the First Amendment, the Peace Corps, the Fulbright Program, and the Obama Doctrine of communicating to persuade “enemies” to change their perceptions and courses of action.

  7. Jerilyn Stapleton says

    I loved this interview! I agree whole-heartly with Colin Powell, which I never expected to do, his words express my thoughts and feeling exactly. I’ve been saying for months now, “What if he was a Muslim, it shouldn’t matter in this country.


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    The LA Progressive Colin Powell pulled no punches. In his interview on Meet the Press, the former Secretary of State said he found that McCain was unsure of how to deal with the economic problems we are having in this country. Powell also felt that the…

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