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Comments Policy, Friday Feedback

We appreciate your comments and encourage you to comment often. But before you share your pearls of wisdom with the LA Progressive community, please take a moment to look over the helpful guidelines below.

The Kind of Comments that Float our Boat

Here’s the type of stuff we love:

  • Smart ideas that expand on an article’s premise
  • Funny ideas that keep the tone light but move the conversation forward
  • Useful criticism that doesn’t aim to offend but aims to enlighten
  • Energetic dialog where responders “reply” to each other by using the reply option
  • Bravery – we love when people use their real names

The Kind of Comments that Won’t be Allowed

Here are some examples (not comprehensive, but you’ll get the idea) of types of comments that’ll ensure your failure to communicate, at least on the LA Progressive:

  • We love George Carlin but we won’t allow his dirty words in our comments
  • Keywords in the name field (if you don’t know what this means, you’re safe)
  • Comments that demonstrate you didn’t read, watch, or listen to the content
  • Off topic personal or professional rants
  • Threatening us or other visitors
  • Any form of defamation
  • Racist or obscene nastiness
  • Violation of anyone’s copyright, trademark, etc.
  • Spammy links, any comment with more than 2 links must be approved

Thanks again for commenting. We enjoy hearing from you!!!

Every article has a comments field at the bottom of the page (see image below). You are welcome to comment on as many articles as you’d like but please follow the guidelines. Happy Commenting — Dick & Sharon[paypal-donation]