A Conversation Between We The People and a Corporation

The Roberts corporate-biased Supreme Court has determined in a 5 to 4 decision to allow corporations to become more than just a person. Now a corporation can be an individual and buy any politician they want. However it’s not necessary to buy politicians since they have already bought the Republicans and the Supreme Court.

Following is a conversation between a Corporation and a member of We the People:

WE THE PEOPLE: You mean a corporation is no longer just a person and now you’re equal to We the People?

CORPORATION: That’s right.

WTP: So you will be paying taxes just like we people do?

CORP: Oh no! We usually don’t have to pay taxes as a corporation. All we have to do is show our cost and loss and bonuses. Then we don’t show a profit after distributing to our shareholders. Also we can go offshore and not have to pay any taxes at all. Matter of fact, we get subsidies for moving overseas.

WTP: That’s outrageous!

CORP: Learn to live with it. It’s good business.

WTP: Are you a male or a female?

CORP: HA! That doesn’t matter.

WTP: You mean you’re a transsexual?

CORP: No, we’re corporations.

WTP: Aren’t mergers just like marriages?

CORP: Yeah, so what?

WTP: Well, if you have more than one merger you’ll be breaking the law.

CORP: We’ll just have the Supreme Court change the law.

WTP: Wait a minute! The current Supreme Court swore on a Bible they wouldn’t make laws and rely on using precedent. There’s no precedent for this new law! The founding fathers made it clear that corporations are not people. Corporations are imaginary and cannot be an individual. Corporations can live forever. Individuals can’t, but the concept of We the People is how the United States was born and will live on.

CORP: It’s a new world now. What did the founding fathers know about what’s going on today?

WTP: What if someone in a Corporation kills someone? Can the Corporation be tried for murder?

CORP: Look. It doesn’t matter. We’ve got the money, the power and the Republican Party and the Supreme Court that we control. Whatever is necessary to keep it that way and stay profitable will be done.

WTP: But that means we’ll no longer be a democracy.

jerry-druckerCORP: So be it. As you, We the People, pointed out, unlike democracies, Corporations can live forever.

WTP: Okay Corporation. This time you’ve gone too far! We the People will take on you huge Corporations and the Republican Party, as well as the Blue Dog Dems and finally fight back. That’s what real democracies do. Damn your torturous nation changing lies and full steam ahead. We’ll fight you in the Congress until we see the waves of their AYES!

Jerry Drucker

Jerry Drucker is a freelance writer and screenwriter, political progressive letterwriter, member of Valley Dems United, Dems for Change and Valley Grassroots for Democracy. Jerry was voted as the 41st AD man of the year for 2008 by the LA County Democratic Party members.


    • Jerry Drucker says

      Thanks Ron,

      I sure could have expanded this article. You may want to go to authors on the LAProgressive.com and see some of the other satirical pieces I’ve done. I recommend DUBAI, OR NOT TO BUY & THE OIL SPLATTERED BANNER, with apologies to Francis Scott Keyes. Also, 4 parts of A CONDOLENCE LETTER TO THE FOUNDING FATHERS. (Start with #1 since they’re listed in reverse)

      Jerry Drucker


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