Crazy Man Ahead: Boehner Speaks Out On Cow Farts

john-boehnerI’ve made no secret of my dislike of House Majority Leader John Boehner and his obstructionist approach to being a major voice of a minority party. But I always figured, what the hell, maybe there’s a method to his madness.

Well, there’s madness afoot alright but of a different sort.

“Man Tan” Boehner, one of the talking heads on This Week With George Stephanopoulos Sunday, was busy disputing more than 5,000 scientists on a global UN panel about climate change by insisting – despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary – there’s no evidence man is contributing to the destruction of the plant.

Here’s where the mad part comes in: Boehner uses cow farts to sniff out the truth for us:

Courtesy ABC News via Daily Kos

I’ll give you a moment to stop laughing and wipe the tears running down your cheeks.

This ranks right up there with that other nincompoop, Ronald Reagan, insisting trees are the Earth’s greatest cause of air pollution.

In fact, John “Mad Man” or “Cow Fart” or “Man Tan” Boehner – I don’t know which nickname to stick with anymore –not only is goofy, he’s simply wrong. Wait: Why does this surprise me?

Among scientists who study both agriculture and the environment, methane and ammonia gas released into the atmosphere by cows is a major source of pollution. Not as great as cars or smokestacks but serious enough that both the Dept. of Agriculture and the EPA are studying the issue as is a subcommittee of the UN panel on climate change. Just as bad, methane also leaks into surface and ground water from cow pies, contaminating drinking water and causing people to die.

For example, as if Zimbabwe doesn’t have enough problems, methane and ammonia pollution runoff from its cattle herd is destroying countless sources of clean water in rural areas, according to a UN aid agency study.


Boehner might as well claim that cows aren’t causing thinning ice caps, either. After all, the Polar caps are four or five feet less thick right now than they were a decade ago and who’s ever seen a cow at the North Pole?

John, do yourself and the rest of us a favor: Please sit down and shut up.

Charley James

The Progressive Curmudgeon

LA Progressive


  1. PrincessP says

    Just SHUT UP, he sounds and looks like an idiot. If he would shut his mouth the world would not know how stupid he actually is.

  2. Derek Saunders says

    Great article! Yes, Boehner is definitely someone who should NOT be giving an opinion on ANYTHING! But remember, he comes from a lower mental strata of people who believe “God” will destroy the bad old Earth and rebuild a shiny new one JUST FOR THEM!!! In other words, these gnat-wits are actually COUNTING on global destruction as a sign that their “Papa Smurf in the Sky” will torture-kill their enemies (everyone not THEM), then deep fry the planet before re-building it into their own personal Eden where only Republicans are allowed to play. Yeah, now THAT’S the kind of mentality we need running a country with more nuclear weapons than all the other countries combined!!!

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