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If you’re new to manscaping, it’s important to learn everything you can about grooming body hair before you start. While some guys may want to figure out how to manscape through trial and error, we think it’s best to follow a guide to different manscaping styles to determine what looks best for your body type and look.


Here’s a complete tutorial on how to properly manscape. From your chest, back and arms to your eyebrows, ears, and nose, these are the best manscaping tips to follow for the modern gentleman!

Manscaping Styles

From your chest, back and arms to your eyebrows, ears, and nose, these are the best manscaping tips to follow for the modern gentleman!

Every man has their own preference on how they like to cut and style their hair, and lately facial hair grooming has become part of the bigger conversation on men’s hygiene. But styling doesn’t stop there: there's an opportunity to step up your grooming routine any place on your body where you can grow hair.

What Is Manscaping?

Manscaping – the process of grooming male body hair – is more versatile than people think. A lot of guys assume manscaping means they have to shave or wax everything below the neck, but it doesn’t have to make such a bold statement.

Manscaping encompasses a lot of territory between “smooth like a Ken doll” and “unkempt caveman”. It all comes down to your aesthetic and your willingness to commit some time to personal grooming.

But no matter how short or long you want to trim your body hair, manscaping requires certain tools. Namely, guys will need a top-rated body groomer or hair trimmer with a number of attachments and guards.

MHT tested multiple body groomers to find that brands like Philips Norelco, Remington, and Gillette made high-performing machines worth using.



For a long time, a fully bare chest was considered fashionable. Lately though, men have been eschewing the bare-chested look as shaving requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep, and waxing and depilatory creams can be painful and itchy. But even if you decide to embrace your natural chest hair, a little grooming will still go a long way.

How To Groom Your Chest

When you embark on your manscaping journey, you’ll want to invest in a good electric trimmer. Select a clipper size and trim chest hair, paying extra attention to spots that are particularly hirsute or unruly.

It’s best to start out with a #2 clipper for your pectorals, and taper down to a #1 clipper for the torso and happy trail: you can always go back over the upper chest with a #1 clipper if you want an even tidier look.


The back is probably the most challenging area to manscape, unless you have eyes on the back of their head. It’s hard to even see your back, much less reach around to take care of any unsightly hair.

Visiting a professional waxer can be a quick and efficient way to take care of back hair. The back is one of the less painful parts of the body to wax, and hair stays gone for a long time as it’s been removed to the root.

How To Groom Your Back

If you’d rather trim your back hair at home, you can get an arm extension for your trimmer: just trim on the lowest setting twice, to make sure you get any areas you might have missed on the first pass.

Alternatively, you can use a men’s hair removal cream, but be sure to do a small patch test on your skin first to test for sensitivity.



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It��s a jungle out there, but it doesn’t have to be a jungle under your arms. It only takes a few minutes to neaten up your armpit hair: just take a pass at them when you manscape your chest. Not only will it look better, it can also help mitigate body odor issues.

How To Groom Your Armpits

A trusty electric body groomer with a #2 guard is all you need to neaten up your armpit hair. Go ahead and incorporate your armpits into your routine when you already have your electric trimmer out for your chest.

Arms and Legs

Many men opt to leave their arm and leg hair untouched, but there are many reasons to manscape there as well. Some athletes find that removing body hair can reduce drag or mitigate chafing.

As with all other areas of the body, the amount of manscaping you do will depend on your comfort level and aesthetic.

How To Groom Your Arms and Legs

For the full smooth experience on your arms and legs, reach for a fresh disposable razor with multiple blades.

If you’d rather take a more natural approach to manscaping, use an electric trimmer with a #1 or #2 guard.

Below The Belt

There are some areas of the body that require a delicate touch when manscaping. Without being indelicate, here are some details on safely grooming below the belt.


When you groom your torso area and attend to your happy trail, don’t forget to attend to any errant public hair. It would be a shame to manscape nicely from the waist up, and leave your nether region untamed. Using a body groomer is fine, but because skin is delicate, be sure to pull it taut and use caution.


Testicles also have very delicate skin to contend with, to the point where the vibration of an electric trimmer is inadvisable. Instead, in using the best trimmer for balls, apply a generous amount of shaving foam to your balls, and tidy up very carefully using a wet, fresh razor.


While there shouldn’t be much hair on your shaft, hair can become unmanageable down at the base. Apply the same technique that you use for your testicles: use warm water, a good lather, a fresh razor, and a very steady hand.

Perineum and Backside

If you thought your back was difficult to navigate, the perineum and backside presents some similar challenges. If you absolutely must tend to this area at home, reach for your electric trimmer or body groomer and use it on the lowest possible setting.

At the other end of the spectrum is laser treatment, which is more permanent but rather expensive. For a happy medium, try waxing: while it’s painful for a brief moment, you get a smooth finish at the hands of a professional that will last for a good while.


Nose hair actually plays an important role in keeping debris from entering your body and maintaining proper moisture for breathing. But when it’s visibly poking out of your nostrils, it’s time for a trim.

How To Groom Your Nose

Don’t reach for the tweezers when it’s time to manscape your nostrils: plucking can open tiny wounds and incite infection. Instead, use grooming scissors or a small electric trimmer designed for small-scale facial grooming.


If eyes are the windows to the soul, eyebrows are kind of like curtains: they’re useful, as they keep debris out of your eyes, but they also play an important aesthetic role.

Doing a little cleanup and maintenance can help you really step up your grooming game.

How To Manscape Eyebrows

First, use grooming scissors to trim any long hairs. After that, use tweezers to pluck any stray hairs that fall outside the natural shape of your eyebrows.

Just be sure not to overdo it: you just want to clean up a little, not look perpetually surprised.


When you’re young, you generally don’t have to worry about ear hair. However, it proliferates as you get older, so you may find yourself needing to groom it more.

How To Groom Your Ears

Longer hairs from the outer ear area can be tweezed, while you’ll need to use grooming scissors or a small-scale electric trimmer to deal with any visible inner ear hair. The trimmer is quick and comfortable, but regrowth will come in faster than it does with tweezing.