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Amazon Prime Errors

Amazon Prime Video is a popular streaming service that has provided millions of users with a quality viewing experience. It has amassed so much audience that it can get hard to cater to everyone, causing the application to malfunction at times.

There are chances that you have been encountering Amazon Prime not working issues. Let’s check out some of the additional issues commonly faced during streaming Amazon Prime and how to fix them using a VPN.

Is your VPN not working with Amazon Prime or getting a VPN proxy error? Then this post will guide you through the process of using the VPN for Amazon Prime in a matter of minutes to get your way around Amazon Prime’s geo-restricted content so you can watch American movies without any issue. 

1. Connection Failure

Not being able to connect to Amazon Prime is a frustrating problem all of us have experienced at some point. It usually manifests in the form of notification saying that there is a connection failure from Amazon Prime's end. In this case, there is nothing you can do but wait for Amazon Prime to resolve the problem independently. 

If your browser fails to connect to the streaming service, start by testing if you can download anything from other websites.

However, if your browser fails to connect to the streaming service, start by testing if you can download anything from other websites. If it fails, try resetting your device and router, or contact your internet service provider. 

2. Buffering

Amazon Prime recommends viewers use a high internet speed for streaming their shows. So, if your video starts buffering, it boils down to the same connection issue. Check your connection before concluding that there is some problem with Amazon Prime. 

However, if the platform does have some functional hiccups, it will get resolved on its own.

3. Regional Restrictions

When you have paid for a streaming service, it is fair to make full use of it. However, people who travel a lot can face regional blocks every time they change their country. 

One way to overcome it is by purchasing a VPN (Virtual Private Network). These services hide your IP address like, thus making it seem as though you are accessing Amazon Prime from a country of your choice. All you have to do is change your country location from settings, and you'll be able to access all the content available to that place. 

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4. App Malfunctioning in Your Device

Amazon Prime has different versions to adapt to the myriad of devices in the market. Unfortunately, all these versions come with their set of problems. There are detailed solutions to these malfunctions, but the easiest way to get rid of them is by uninstalling and reinstalling the Amazon Prime application. 

If that does not make the app function normally, then you might need to dig around in your device's settings or report a bug. 

5. Subpar Video Quality

Bad video quality from a streaming service like Amazon Prime can ruin the whole viewing experience. If you suspect the reason is poor internet connection, try resetting your router and device. If the issue lies with Amazon Prime, rest assured that other viewers will quickly let the streaming service know. 

In the last case, your video quality might be Low because you do not have the required subscription. HD streaming on Amazon Prime requires a few extra bucks, so you will have to go that extra mile for high definition.

6. Weird Activity on Your Account

Does Amazon Prime recommend series that are far from the ones you usually like? Does it ask you if you wish to continue watching something you never started? Did you see any changes in your account that were never made by you, among other strange things? These unusual activities might not be a surprise if you are sharing your Amazon Prime subscription with other people.

If not, this could indicate someone hacking into your account, and you must alert Amazon Prime at once. As a safety measure, improve your password immediately when you notice a security breach. 

7. Player Suspensions

Has Amazon Prime ever stopped a movie before it ended? If yes, do not be surprised as it is a common occurrence attributed to a downloading error. Back out of the app, re-do the whole process, and see if Amazon Prime is still acting up. 

More often than not, the issue will be resolved. If the video still stops unexpectedly, back out and wait for an hour or so. This interruption issue usually gets resolved on its own. 

Amazon Prime can crash due to several reasons attributed to itself, the device, or the internet. In most cases, rebooting or cleaning your device can also help prevent the app from crashing or freezing up. Other times, fixing the internet connection can resolve errors like slow loading and download times. Lastly, Amazon Prime occasionally experiences technical errors, and these get resolved in no time. 

8. Prime Video Login Problems

Amazon Prime Video error 5005 happens when you try to login to an Amazon Prime Video account. The most common cause is connectivity troubles, which will be resolved in a short time.

When you log in to your Amazon Prime Video account, you don't have to tell the user that you're logged in. You can also create an Amazon Household instead of revealing your Amazon login. But you can only stream to two devices at once so your family members can watch American movies. However, you can't stream more than two. 

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Moreover, you can try downloading films to your phone or tablet, then switching on aeroplane mode on your phone and tablet. Downloading Amazon Prime films to your phone or tablet is one way to get around this.