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Chalkboard Is Helping Businesses

Business professionals need to stay in contact with their customers to grow their business enormously. Many tools are available for them to organize their work in a hassle-free way. Chalkboard is an excellent mobile app that aims to support small businesses, independents, and professionals.

Chalkboard has brought a revolution in the business text messaging arena. By clicking the link,, any business can try Chalkboard for free to participate in business text messaging.

It is a mobile app that doesn’t just help businesses connect with their customers easily. But it also offers many important features to facilitate businesses witness a streamline growth.

For using Chalkboard, a business professional doesn’t need any extra equipment.

In a nutshell, Chalkboard is helping businesses keep ahead in the advancement of technology. The popular features this mobile app contains are a second phone line, reviews, and chat facility. For using Chalkboard, a business professional doesn’t need any extra equipment.

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Just by using this mobile app, he can obtain a local phone number in the UK or US region. Apart from this, there is no extra call or text charges levied on customers except for reasonable subscription fees.

Chalkboard provides a second phone line to help business professionals separate their work and personal lives. Businessman John Jackson says using Chalkboard he can interact with customers like friends without affecting his personal life at all.

The best part is that there is no need for a business to use any additional software to maintain their personal life privacy. Since it separates business messages from personal communication, it allows businesses to communicate with customers efficiently.

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Businesses can easily collect customer reviews through Chalkboard to know about their products or services. As a result, they get a chance to improve their products easily. Chalkboard also provides many useful tools to help every business or professional grow steadily.

Chalkboard allows businesses to organize their customers as per their interest or preference. And hence, it facilitates businesses to send broadcast messages to communicate with customers efficiently.

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