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Long before the interpretation of Bitcoin and its usage in the market, the blockchain facilities used to work well among the digital business and market setup. Though there was not much of a breakthrough in the cryptocurrency market, the blockchain system was already coming into effect in various different fields. The blockchain technology has brought a huge change in the gaming industry and many gaming developers are adapting this technology. You can visit this site for a variety of games based on this technology such as gods unchained, illuvium, guild of guardians and monsta infinite.

The introduction of machine learning and the idea to induce Artificial Intelligence among the machines was a bit of hype at that time that led to the various blockchain security and training software to be implemented. Later after the steady rise of the cryptocurrency market since 2008, Ethereum gained huge popularity due to its increased mining speed and complex security algorithm over bitcoin.

Later after the steady rise of the cryptocurrency market since 2008, Ethereum gained huge popularity due to its increased mining speed and complex security algorithm over bitcoin.

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The founders of Ethereum gained a huge lot of money and among them, one of the co-founders, came up with a brilliant idea to help people furthermore understand the usage of blockchain through a game. Bitcoin transactions is one such game working on the blockchain mechanism of the Ethereum currency and is developed with the sole purpose of making people understand the usage of blockchain in the market.

How does Crypto Kitties work?

  • In this game, people are made to buy virtual kittens by cryptocurrency or virtual currency and are expected to nourish them up and grow them to be fully functional virtual cats.
  • These cats are then sold to the various parties that are interested in buying the cat already lined up in the game.
  • The popularity of this app makes people invest real money in raising the kittens and then selling them at a profit to the people waiting for the virtual cat. Money transfers are done with the mode of NFC’s based on their property and ID.

Some more trivia and properties of the game

  • Created for the sole purpose of recreation at first, crypto kitties is a game now worth little more than 100 USD per kitten.
  • The game was found by Dapper Lab in Canada in the year 2017. Initially, 100 kittens were first developed, also known as the founder cats. These founder cats were the first ones to develop a unique ID for themselves and were sold to the different gamers and investors at a good cost. 
  • Later these founder cats were raised virtually from kitten to full-grown cat and kept in pairs of male and female. Sometimes people used to keep two virtual cats of two different breeds leading to the formation of a cross-breed virtual cat.
  • People do always search for unique cats and they are deemed more valuable than ordinary ones. 
  • All the cats that are bred in the virtual breeder, do acquire the properties of their parent cats. Thus the cross breed of any founder cat is said to be more valuable than the other cats as they have the traits of the founder cats in them.
  • There is no fixed number of kitties that anyone can have. An infinite number of kitties can be bred by anyone having a crypto kitties wallet as the virtual kitties are transferred through wallets. 
  • There needs to be the presence of both the genders and more than one kitty virtually for the breeding to take place. 
  • People generally look for virgin kitties which have not been bred yet and are just brought up by the breeder. The price of these kittens are very high.
  • Even the genetics and traits of the kittens are a major factor in the increasing value of the crypto kitties. Recently one of the founder cats with ID no. 84 was sold out for more than 60000 USD.


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Initially started for recreational purposes, Crypto Kitties is a game that helped people learn blockchain security over time and now holds great value in the market. This buying and selling of cats virtually has helped people know more about cryptocurrency.