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Gohar Abelian

If you ever needed proof that women and, more specifically, mothers were incredible human beings, Gohar Abelian is evidence of that. As a young woman, she thought about becoming a lawyer to help people who tend to get taken advantage of by the law, including minorities. It wasn’t difficult for her to quickly see that the court system is broken, and people can easily slip through the cracks, causing them to lose their freedom and miss out on many opportunities in life. With such a passion for law and helping people, she became an attorney providing personal injury, contracts/trademarks, and community services.

Not only did Gohar Abelian go through law school while raising two children to become an attorney, she eventually started her firm, the Abelian Law Firm. Despite the challenges of law school and motherhood, she was successful enough to turn her legal journey into a career as a business owner by starting a firm of her own that provides legal services to the community. Her business now continues to grow exponentially as her passion and drive is evident to her clients as they first hand watch her successfully get them through the legalities of their cases, despite challenges that may arise.

Despite the challenges of law school and motherhood, she was successful enough to turn her legal journey into a career as a business owner by starting a firm of her own.

“Because I had two small children at home, I decided to go through the two-year accelerated program at Southwestern Law School. It was intense, and there were little to no breaks between the workload,” shared Abelian. “While dealing with the obstacles of law school, many personal issues were happening that made things even more complicated. However, I knew I wanted to become an attorney to represent underserved people. So, I made sure to create a to-do list and hold myself accountable daily to get things done. I needed to take it one day at a time instead of thinking too far ahead to avoid overwhelming myself with everything that needed to get done.”

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Her approach to success by taking things one step at a time led her down the path of success. With hard work, dedication, and determination, she passed the bar and began providing legal services. And, while most would think that running a law firm and providing legal services while raising two children is a challenge in itself, Gohar Abelian has extended herself even further by teaching the law to other law school hopefuls. “I’m passionate about the law and making a difference within the community, so I’ve started teaching at a law school to help those who’d like to become professional attorneys one day,” said Abelian. “I want to share my knowledge and set these individuals up for success. My goal is to help them pass the bar and get to the point where they can become social justice warriors like myself.”


While her success didn’t happen overnight, Gohar Abelian never gave up when things got rough. Although law school was difficult, and there were daily challenges for her to overcome as a mother and legal student, she continued to persevere while using her children as the motivation needed to keep pushing on those difficult days. It’s because of her dedication and willingness to keep going that she has made her entrepreneurial dreams come true while providing different legal services at her law firm, teaching law students, and raising her children simultaneously. As a result, thousands of mothers can feel inspired by her success and quickly realize they can do what they love, even while raising children.

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