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Are you looking to get away somewhere next year? Perhaps you've been planning a trip and aren't sure what to look for. Or maybe you just want to know how the tourist industry has been changing and what trends to look out for?

After all, what people enjoyed doing twenty years ago isn't necessarily the same as today. While some destinations and types of vacations have remained popular, things change quickly in this industry. Especially with the growth of social media and the internet. People are now searching for experiential travel, which are more immersive and are the usual things they can really tell their friends about, rather than just the same old trip. So what does this mean for you? Maybe you're looking for some inspiration. Regardless, you might want to check out this article on some of the trends that will be big in travel for the next few years. Some of them might seem obvious, but what's obvious to one person isn't to everyone. You might also pick up some great ideas for your next vacation, or you might realize that you’re happy with what you've got planned already.

Luxury escapes

Luxury is as important in travel these days as it has ever been. People want to stay in the poshest hotels in the world. These sorts of places used to be reserved for celebrities and the mega-rich, but now regular people are saving for the entire year (or more) just for a few night's stay in a 7-star hotel. Is that what you want? Or would you rather see your money go a bit further?

There are now a range of mega-luxury hotels and resorts almost everywhere. Once option is a lovely Hotel in Copenhagen. These places aren't cheap, but they offer unrivalled comfort and cache.

Instagram opportunities

People don't want to go to the same tourist attractions as everyone else. They want something different. Something bespoke.

Social media platforms like Instagram are super-popular today. This has had a big impact on the travel industry. Not only do you see people taking selfies almost everywhere, especially in places with a lot of tourists (selfie-sticks, anyone?) but people are actually searching out experiences and backdrops for their next Instagram post. Some of these obviously come with those ultra-luxury hotels, but not all of them do. You can find plenty of options for your next Instagram post in all sorts of wonderful locations. How about thinking outside the box a bit?

Ease of booking

You've seen how traditional travel agents have struggled in the last few years. That's because their business model has become outdated. People don't really want to have to go to a high street store and look through brochures anymore. You can find all the info you need online, and you can book easily as well. Even from your phone. These ease of booking options look set to get an even bigger share of the market, and you don't have to rely on the same package providers anymore.

Unique experiences

This one is hugely important for travellers these days. People don't want to go to the same tourist attractions as everyone else. They want something different. Something bespoke. These experiences aren't always cheap, but they can be if you know where to look. Even dolphin swims are becoming commonplace. So how about swimming with sharks? Bored of sky-diving? How about Base-jumping? You might not think of it, but there are plenty of places to visit in mississippi.

Whether you're into extreme sports or eating extreme dishes, people want new and different. Oftentimes, this fits in with what we already mentioned---Instagram. Do you want these unique experiences to make your feed better, or do you want to actually enjoy them just for yourself? Maybe a little bit of both? This could have an impact on what you choose and what you're looking for.

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While luxury and experience are important, so is price. Now more than ever, especially with the economy how it is. The good news is that there are so many options in the industry, and so many competing businesses, that you can still find some great deals. Try having a shop around to see what offers are available for you.

Environmentally friendly

People are becoming more and more concerned about the environment these days, and for good reason. That could mean more people decide to vacation closer to home, so as not to have as big a carbon footprint like when you take a long-haul flight. If that's not possible, you could consider paying to offset the carbon emissions from your flight separately,

Eco-tourism has taken off in a big way. People are changing the sorts of things they want to do on vacation and the sort of places they want to visit with the environment in mind.

Gambling and casinos

Some people have always enjoyed a bit of a flutter when they're away. Casinos and other gambling locations are great for this. Vegas is obviously one of the most popular, but there are options on every continent. How about Monte Carlo? If you don't fancy a casino, you might want to visit a big event like the Grand National or something similar.

If you do decide to visit a casino resort, remember that there'll be loads more there than just gambling. These places have become great locations for all sorts of visitors. If you like shopping, fine-dining, live entertainment and more---you should be able to find it near a casino.

New destinations

People are always looking for something new these days. They don't want the same destinations that everyone has been to. Try thinking outside the box a little.

Safety and security

With recent security issues, safety is a huge priority these days. Concerns have made some locations no-go areas for tourists, while making other destinations much more popular. If you're got particular concerns about security and safety, do your research thoroughly. No place can be guaranteed safe, but there are plenty of options that should be safe enough for you to have a great time with full peace of mind.


Food is as popular as ever, and that popularity seems to be growing even more. That means people are looking for real authentic local cuisine wherever they go, rather than just the same old tourist fare. It's hard to know where to start when recommending a location based on food, and a lot of this comes down to personal taste-but there should be something for everyone.