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Are you looking for ways to stand up for our planet? If you’re wondering what you can do, it’s time to start making changes in your daily habits. Let’s look at 5 key ways you can stand up for climate change – starting today.

Ditch Doubt

What happens when you think about our planet? For many people, the first thing that happens is a sense of dread or doubt. It seems as if this problem might be too big, too far gone, or too impossible to handle.

The very first way to stand up for climate change is to ditch doubt. If you are wondering if you can help prevent the destruction of our planet – there is a single answer: “Yes!” You can do it starting with kicking out any trace of doubt.

Tip: Ditching doubt is something that starts now. If you notice you doubt whether your actions make a difference, start now. Toss out a doubt – and keep it out of your mind.

Ditch Plastic

Plastic is a huge global problem. There’s no question that plastic is a substance that is littering the oceans and filling up the landfills. That’s why ditching plastic is the only smart and intelligent choice to make.

How can you really put this into action in day-to-day life? Take your own bags to the grocery bag. Give bags to friends, neighbors, and the person in the aisle at the store. Commit to reducing your reliance on plastic shopping bags, including plastic produce bags.

Use a natural bamboo brush to take care of your hair. A sustainable hairbrush is an easy choice. You’ll enjoy the feeling on your scalp, each and every time you brush your hair. The rounded wooden bristles feel like a gentle massage every time you use them.

Tip: Choose sustainable products that do not rely on plastics. You’ll have the good feeling of knowing that you’re helping the earth with your daily selections.

Choose sustainable products that do not rely on plastics. You’ll have the good feeling of knowing that you’re helping the earth with your daily selections.

Ditch Synthetics

Are you noticing that synthetic fabrics have slipped into your home – unnoticed? Look around your living room or bedroom. What do you see? A synthetic blanket or throw; a synthetic pillow; a synthetic T-shirt may stand out. It may have happened bit by bit, but now it’s time to make wiser choices.

As you’re getting focused on helping the climate, start where you sleep. Choose a Bamboo Pillow instead of a synthetic one. An environmentally friendly pillow provides maximum comfort, whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach.

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Bamboo pillows are known for helping people keep their heads and shoulders cool – even in hot climates. You can enjoy quality sleep—and peace of mind.

Tip: Start with a single item, such as changing from a synthetic pillow to a bamboo one.

Ditch Disposables

Disposable items are often made of plastics, foam, or materials that contribute to pollution. Disposable utensils and dishes create about 2 million pounds of waste each year, based on Environmental Protection Agency figures.

You can make different and smarter choices. For example, stop using plastic drinking straws. In the U.S. alone, estimates suggest that 500 million straws are used each day.

Be proactive and use a straw made of a biodegradable material.

Stop relying on plastics for taking out food. Bring your own utensils and dishes to use, and reuse. Little things like this can start to add up to something much bigger for the environment.

Tip: Teach your children to bring their own utensils. Just make it fun, colorful, and engaging.

Ditch The Car

In many parts of the world, people rely on automobiles as the sole means for transportation. Even if you’re living in a location where cars are the norm, you can be a hero or heroine. Here are some ways to reduce or stop reliance on your car to help the environment.

Ride a bicycle. Yes, a bicycle doesn’t use gas and doesn’t contribute to pollution. Bike riding is good for your physical and mental health. While you’re riding, you’ll meet like-minded people and easily grow your community of friends.

Ride public transportation. In most places, there is some form of municipal transport available. Use this to get to and from work, meet new friends, and reduce pollution.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Tip: Get active by walking, running, or biking for errands. Walk, jog, or run. You’ll get in better shape – physically and mentally. Health experts advise staying active to support health and reduce stress.

Sum Up

Use your daily choices to stand up for climate change. You’ll be happier, healthier, and in touch with caring for our planet.